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1st let me say all my comments will be backed up with pics where possible & if they let me upload them all ! 1) 6:30 am wake up every morning from loud rude kitchen staff, landscapers [by 7:am] yelling across the yard & the worn out luggage rack coming down the sidewalk with early check outs sounded nothing less then like a freight train, pressure washing at 7:00am-total disregard for their guest peace & quiet at those hours 2) allowing loud construction work into the late evening hours 3) being able to feel the bed springs on the bed 4) never got to use the swing outside my door because their’s next door was missing so they used mine 5) mosquito’s tore my butt up due to the large gaps between window slats & holes in the screens 6) A/C mounted above headboard blowing downward into my face, couldn’t take it & left it off, slept in a warm room 7) locks on doors are a joke – locked myself out of the room but noticed a fingernail file on the table next door, 5 seconds later I was back in my room, not a good feeling when you have $3,000 worth of electronics in that room & you’re out everyday sightseeing 8) fire alarm system not working, the pull station was in the down position [pulled/activated] the whole week I was there & in that position the fire alarm should have been going off [I teach life safety at my job] 9) both bedside table lamps had open exposed wires & electrical connections, I left them unplugged as I had no wish to die in a electrical fire 10) the lamp shades had what looked like poop fingerprints on them, for Christ sake they’re fabric-CLEAN THEM 11) I counted 20 holes in my curtain,what a dump 12) broken furniture-fix or remove 13) there were 2 $15.00 charges for each day on my bill labeled "taxes" one I knew was a gov. tax but found out the other one was a automatic tip charge which really pissed me off as I had already been tipping really good, had I known there would have been no tipping & I guess that’s why they don’t tell you that upfront-that’s very dishonest in my book 14) in the lobby area 40% of the pictures on the wall were almost at a 45 degree angle which is representative of their total lack of attention to detail of any kind & at check in I got a gut feeling I just checked into a dive & I was right !!!!!! The ocean view was 2nd to none but so are all the other hotel views on this beach !! Hmmmm…. Trip Advisor says my pics are too large to upload [bullcrap] so here’s my email if you are thinking of staying here & want the pics !!!!! Maybe I can save someone else from staying in this dump !!!!


Restaurants and Bars:
2 rest.,1 bar

tiny pool

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