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3ra Ave. y 74, Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba

"pick somewhere else"
Posted by: liam on Jul 2, 2014
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2 weeks in cuba, and the desk asked for 100 cuc pr night for a room in this awfull hotel ;-((((( if you want to try a hotel in pure "russian style" this is it

Room Number:

o.k. just to expenive

small but acceptable for one- or two star hotel

Restaurants and Bars:
restaurant very poor and dirty. servicelevel was under zero

poor and dirty

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I advise from the start that you pick somewhere else to stay because this place is a joke. This is one of the worst hotels I have found myself in Cuba because it couldn’t be worse than this. Cleanliness is zero because the place was absolutely filthy and I just stayed for 3 days as my initial plan was to stay here for the whole vacation but I am pretty sure I would have gotten sick if I had stayed longer. Get this, the view from my room was beautiful because of the ocean view but the building was not to write home about, I mean this was the height of it, this hotel needs some serious renovations of everything inside of it. There were cracks on the walls and the rooms had some major plumbing issues. The elevator got stuck one time without me in it by the way so I just thought staying here was a bad idea and I should probably leave. Food served here is okay, the portion is big but the quality of the food always had something about it, either it is undercooked or overcooked but I just didn’t enjoy it. I suggest this hotel be closed down as then refurbish it like a new hotel if not they will keep losing customers for a long time to come. The staff was nice and friendly but as long as the rooms are filthy and things in them barely worked, this place will not be in my agenda again for places to visit.

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