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‘The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable’; sometimes the ‘truth’ is just an opinion and not a truth or fact. What I see, if I’m reading the signs, is a significant number of posters posting, since DT was mentioned and then decided to come on board. I see that as a good thing that will help this forum be a bit more active. Anyone who has had any any involvement with TA would be familiar with Don Thomas. Maybe best to just let it go for a bit, and the hubbub will no doubt settle down; if not that says something. Tranquilo, I guess.

[quote source="/forum/post/122872/thread" That will make people feel excluded and use other sites for their information…which previously almost lead to the demise of this site.

If my memory serves me correctly, the former demise of this site had to do with over-moderation.

I wonder if Netflix will set up a system of allowing foreigners to pay for Cubans Netflix account – much as many do now to top-up phones?  I can just imagine how many tourists would jump on-board to support those poor Cubans to have access to Netflix. 


I’ve never seen netflix, is it good? I love Netflix! For $8 I can watch movie or TV show anytime I wish. My friend who is movie man and who run to see latest movie in the theater say that Netflix is not so great for him because he saw many movies that are on Netflix. For me is perfect and $8 is nothing. We used to pay $6 movie rental in Blockbuster. I guess if Cuba ever gets Netflix someone from outside will need to pay monthly membership. I am not sure even if they have high speed internet how Netflix will collect money.
I’ve never seen netflix, is it good?
Me neither. I think that you need a big tv and something called lots of band-width, right? Oops, sorry … this thread is about Netflix in Cuba. My bad.
I’ve never seen netflix, is it good? Me neither. I think that you need a big tv and something called lots of band-width, right? Oops, sorry … this thread is about Netflix in Cuba. My bad. It’s all very confusing for me, I do have one of those big TVs, and lots of channels, but I’ve never understood the bandwidth thing. When people talk to me about netflix, they seem to be watching it on computers and laptops, not so good for those epic adventures. There’s probably a way to hook a laptop to a big TV but that’s where a youngster comes in and they seem to be too busy watching netflix on their laptop using someone else’s account; sort of like what DT said might happen in Cuba if they ever figure out that bandwidth thingy. It all makes my old mind tired.   Interesting, Madrugada wordchecks as Madrigal.
Does it count if I write the screenplay for Netflix?

I wonder if the resorts are the prime target for Netflix? As it stands, I believe most are stealing satellite feeds, which could be problematic down the road. Signing up individual Cubans seems unlikely to make a profit.

hfxjohn: I connect to Netflix on my TV via my DVD player.

Best thing about Netflix for me has been discovering Archer, an animated series for grown-ups (definitely for grown-ups!) – it is vulgar, irreverent and very funny!

If people actually want to have a serious debate about that insanely dumb announcement from Netflix, then I am all for it.And we can even skip the jokes about broadband in Cuba, streaming in Cuba and Cubans with access to international payment methods if someone knows so little about Cuba that they don’t realize immediately what a joke this is.Someone mentioned 27% Cubans with access to internet or something like that? The only Cubans with internet at home are those married to foreigners or those at the very top and in with the military generals and high ranking officials. Plus some doctors. But it’s 1995 modem-type eonnection getting 156K at best. Netflix wouldn’t even work well on a 5 Mbit connection. So first of all a maximum of 0.001 percent of Cubas population have internet at home, and those who do have speeds that are around 32 times slower than what would be requiered to stream an HD movie.And out of those 0.001 percent with internet too slow to use Netflix very few of them would have access to paying for it. Only option would be friends and family abroad paying for them, as mentioned.And we haven’t even gotten into the fact that the Cuban government have been scrambling TV signals from the USA for decades and have people actively roaming the streets looking for Cubans with illegal antennas catching foreign signals and giving them huge fines for doing so. If not confiscating their house, as has also happened.So what are the odds of the Cuban government even allowing Netflix to offer their services in Cuba? They would have no control of content and how long would it take for some USAID or CIA sponsored program to start sending ‘the truth’ to Cubans in the shape of documentaries and series? There’s really no reason to discuss this on any serious level and add to the cheap promotion that is the only thing Netflix have in mind. if that’s not what they had in mind, then they are the dumbest most misinformed enterprise on the planet. If they actually think there’s a market in Cuba. It would take a maximum of three minutes of research to conclude that there is absolutely no market in Cuba.Not happening. Not in the next 10 years.And finally, are Netflix as uninformed as the average Joe Yankee, did they understand the recent talks between Obama as Raúl as if there’s no longer an embargo? The embargo remains the same, the changes made to it are meaningless so far and I can’t see what hole in the embargo would even allow Netflix to make money in Cuba when PayPal, Skype and a thousand other U.S. owned websites, programs and internet services are all prohibited to deal with Cuba, so much so that they are actually blocked in Cuba.We’re also forgetting the fact, by the way, that piracy is the way in Cuba and the state has nothing against that. Any movie and tv-show available on Netflix can be bought in legal stores in Cuba for less than a dollar. Or you can have your memory stick loaded with movies and series for 1 CUC. So even if all this was possible, why would anyone be interested?Whether it’s intended for resorts? How? If the resorts don’t even have WiFi in the rooms? It would take a huge stretch of the imagination to see Netflix available at resorts, but at least that’s not as utter ridiculous a thought as the one about "Cubans with broadband service and access to international payment methods" subscribing to Netflix.

It’s just a stupid tiny demo of what lengths U.S. coorperations will go through to rape Cuba when given the slightest chance to do so. They don’t even have the chance yet, but are already trying. If they can’t actually get in there and make money, they can try making money on press releases on how they’ll plunder Cuba. Disguised as being ‘the good guys’ wanting to offer great things to Cubans. They have no shame and I have already canceled my own subscription to Netflix after reading this. 

Actually DT, I have a 5 Mbit connection at home and Netflix works fine, even when my son and I are both watching it at the same time (you can view it on an iPad too). I can also surf the Internet while my son is watching Netflix, no issues either. It does download a lot of data though.

Actually I think I wanted to write that Netflix wouldn’t work well with anything short of of a 5 Mbit connection. I have a 15 Mbit and 1080 HD movies sometimes load slow. I’m not technical expert, but I do know it won’t work at all on a 156 Kbit dial up model. Which is what those very, very few Cubans with internet at home pretty much have. The lucky ones.I know I can’t connect to my home banking from such a connection because the tiny Java code used to login won’t load fast enough. Imagine streaming movies on such a connection.In any case, it’s irrelevant that almost no Cubans have internet and that those who do don’t have a connection to stream anything since:a) Netflix is not allowed to even do business in Cuba.and

b) If they were, the Cuban government wouldn’t allow them to.

Is Netflix really that stupid or do they just think everyone reading their announcement is that stupid?

Is Netflix really that stupid or do they just think everyone reading their announcement is that stupid?
I heard a comment on the radio this morning to the effect that Netflix wants to be ready for Cuba when Cuba is ready for them.

It reminds me of the people that line up at the store doors at 3AM waiting for the store to open at 10AM for a big sale. Only, I think the store might not open until well past noon, if at all.

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