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We have never been to Mexico. ( Cuba many, many times)Looking to explore TulumHave no idea where to stay or which area is best to head for.Any information would be appreciated.. We don’t need fancy accomodations or spa stuff.thanks!


We’ve always enjoyed our stays at the Akumal Beach Resort because of the off shore snorkeling in front of the resort but this resort is 3 star, so not sure it would be suitable for you. Given the right price, I’d certainly stay at the Palladium complex or at a few higher end resorts south of Akumal and/or Playa del Carmen.Not sure if you are aware of the loco gringo forum but it’s a wealth of info for the area.

We’ve been to Tulum a few times. We opted to take a colectivo and get there ourselves. ( ). Once at Tulum, we paid the entrance fee which I recall being about 50 pesos per person and we did a self guided tour of the ruins. You can also hire a private guide if you like or eavesdrop on one of the many tour groups. It gets hot so go in the morning, certainly before the bus loads arrive and take plenty of bottled water to drink. Nice beach there so bring your swim wear and towel.

We also did the Tulum self guided tour but found that the Coba ruins to be far more interesting. It’s an extra 30 min or so and we opted for the guided tour there. At Coba, everything is spread out in a very large area, much of it under the canopy of trees. You can see more things that are larger, especially the temple which you can climb. I’d do both for a better idea of Mayan life.We stayed at Bahia Principe Tulum but almost all of the resorts are 4 or 5 star. We found the food (esp. a la cartes), drinks & service to be far superior to Cuba but the beaches were not. Akumul (the town) has a nice beach that you can reach by collectivo.

We were warned about time share sales people at the airport and just walked right by – no problemo. No problems anywhere else.

Thank you all for those replies, I do recognize some names from Cuba forums.. Still more research to do, but gives me an idea. We don’t need five star hotel, just safe and clean is good. thanks again!


I second the "drink lots of water" suggestion as it is very hot and exposed there. Also wear some bug spray as you walk through a jungle area to get there and the mosquitoes were enjoying some fine Canadian dining as I walked through. Bring your suit (or wear it under your clothes) as the beach is stunning!

as the beach is stunning! Long walk down the stairs but one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen.

I forgot about that beach when I made my comments earlier.

Tulum beaches are beautiful and lots of beach bars to sample along the way. Tulum beach crawls are popular.We leave for Riviera May on Feb. 28 for 2 weeks. Staying at Grand Sirenas Maya – had booked at ABR but got bumped due to construction. Not really happy about it but what the heck – it will be sun, sand and sea.


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