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Having only been to Puerto Vallarta and Varadero Cuba I would like to find other places to visit. Unfortunately I am one that would like to search the net, have the same hotel chain in all the caribbean places come up with prices making it easier for me to pick. Last year we flew from Toronto $1300 all incl, tax too to a 4 star in Varadero. Any suggestions for similar.

wowow….the anwsers here SHOULD be endless! Myself I am returning to the Iberostar Daquiri in Cuba Cayo Guiermo(check that spelling) $838.00 + taxes on a great deal ! , a small island of the coast of Cayo Coca. Uninhabitated, only 4 resorts on the Island ……very quiet and restfull. The Ocen Blue in the DR is an awesome resort! I could go on

Central America is an interesting place to visit
San Andrea Island is pretty cool

If you like Scuba Diving or Snorkeling, try Roatan, Honduras. There is another hotel being built there by the owners of the "Henry Morgan" Resort, which will be a 5* in 5 months so soon there will be more options to go to.We have just returned for the third year in a row to the Island and loved it.Henry Morgan will also be building a new resort in Belize soon.

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