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Anyone else happy to see a series about how Cubans fix up the old US Cars and how that’s all changing now?

"Cuban Chrome is a groundbreaking new docu-series that explores the fascinating time warp that characterizes Cuban car culture. This is the first American television series to be produced entirely on location in Cuba and will be simulcast in English on Discovery Channel and in Spanish on Discovery en Espanol."

Maybe some BS, but I’ll be watching:

Wow, it looks like it’s produced by a real pro who knows their way around Cuba. I certainly be following this. How interesting.Thanks for the heads-up, Spunky. ;-)Cheers,


I just wanted to mention that the best way to watch the show is to watch it enjoy the cars, and to enjoy the cleverness of the guys who are restoring them. Don’t watch it with the intent to catch mistakes, especially not to try and catch mistakes about Cuba. I don’t know enough about Cuba myself to always spot mistakes.I was impressed with how the guys were able to make their own parts out of scrap materials when they had to. Although I have never actually restored a car myself, there were a few things that might have been done out of the sequence that I would have tried, but hey, if it works…

I watched the first episode and found it very entertaining. It has a bit of that "reality TV" feel to it but there is enough good content there to keep me watching. Old cars and Cuba; what’s not to like!

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