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Great site. However, Haiti continues to be no place for the casual tourist. There are many "no-go" areas that one should be aware of. United Nations peacekeeping forces will have to remain on site for the long haul. Kidnappings for ransom continue to be a problem. Experienced business travellers never venture out without armed escorts. Full details can be had by consulting the websites of the U.S. State Dept., the Canadian Foreign Affairs Dept., etc.

It seems though, that tourism is increasing in Haiti. There are investors in the Jacmel area looking into a mega resort. A company recently opened-up a hotel in Jacmel, the former Club Med has re-opened as the Club Indigo, Vacation Packages are now being sold to Haiti, Spirit Airlines has begun flying there. Just wait, Haiti is coming back to the Caribbean tourist market. I really think it is.

Well, the former Club Med site is very beautiful, so it would be worth looking into if you want to consider Haiti as a destination. I would want some pretty solid information on safety, though!

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