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Resort life rules.

(It’s just that, PERSONALLY, I find it so incredibly borring to talk about. Because I just did, and what else is there to say? Drink, wait, eat, drink, wait, eat. Throw in a dip in the ocean and a dive in the pool and what’s left to talk about for years and years on thousands of threads on a million forums? Except drink, wait, eat. Enlighten me someone if I am wrong.)

I must agree, that’s resort life for many people. However, not all. Many of us go AI because the costs are known (and usually cheaper than packaging a vacation yourself), and because resorts are generally located on really nice beaches. It’s wonderful to have accommodation and meals taken care of, so that one can enjoy the beach and whatever activities (including exploring off resort) that one wishes without worrying about additional costs, and knowing that if you show up at mealtime you will undoubtedly find something to eat. I go to Cuba because I crave solitude…walking the beach in the early morning…snorkelling, and sailing. Those are my primary reasons, and Cuba has what I want in abundance. Add to that it’s pretty safe, and Cubans are warm, welcoming people, and it makes for an attractive destination.

I do not spend a lot of time on eating or drinking. I’m probably an ideal guest for the resort, as I use few of the resources. If I wanted to stay in Cuba more long term, I would definitely be investigating alternatives, as it isn’t long before I am tired of eating resort or restaurant food and would much prefer to be preparing my own. On vacation I keep similar hours to what I do at home, which means early to bed and early to rise. I don’t know all the bartenders on a first name basis, either, because I see them at most a couple of times a day. Hangovers and vacation do not go well together as far as I am concerned.

I’ve met some interesting people in Cuba. Some of them are Cubans, many are fellow tourists. In more than one case it has led to a lasting friendship. Cuba has definitely been worth my time, and AI resorts have opened that door for me.

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