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We’ll be leaving in a few weeks (july 16-30). Anybody give me any details about the changes at the hotel from last year. I understand there are a couple new restaurants. What are they like??? Did I also read there is a new lobby?Is anyone reading this going to be there during our stay??LS.
There is a new lobby- Lobby 3. I didn’t spend much time there except for check in and check out. There is also a new pool area with bar and 2 new restaurants. I only went to one of the restaurants but it became my new favorite at Decameron. It is called Kontiki ( I think I spelled it right). I didn’t get there til 2 nights before I was scheduled to leave and had to go back the next night because I loved the food. I am so counting down til my Sept departure!! Only 10 weeks and 3 days til we leave!


Thanks for the info Vyro. We’ll have to make the Kontiki one of our first reservations. Hey, we just got our package from the tour operator, and it mentions that we are entitled to only 6 a la carte restaurant meals. I don’t recall this from last year, and we ate a la carte every night of our 10 days there. Did anyone else notice this, and I wonder if they enforce it. With the system they have, I can’t see how they would know how many restaurants you are reserving during your stay. And we’re going for 2 weeks!!!!!

That is odd they only allow 6 a al cartes for two weeks. When we were there in May, it was 6 a la cartes for one week. They looked up our room number on the computer each time we booked, but I don’t know how concerned they were how many times we ate in each place. They shouldn’t be too strict in July. The only thing I didn’t like at the a la cartes is having to share a table. The two nights we shared we were seated with very nice people, but it does put a damper on any romantic dinner plans.

Wow, thats all new since I was there in Feb. It didn’t matter how many times we ate in each place and we never had to share a table. I wonder if that is just how the package comes or if it applys to all. We always make our own hotel reservations and when I booked the hotel I was never told this.

I can’t see it being different rules for different charter package companies. When we were there last summer, I just went to the lobby bar area early in the morning, took a number and when they called my number, I booked the restaurant I wanted (if available). There was no computer there and my room number was written in a book and I was given a piece of paper with the restaurant and time and number of people. I think we always reserved for at least 4 people, so we never had to worry of sharing a table with strangers. I didn’t know they did that. I’m sure there were several tables for 2 at all the restaurants, however I’m not sure now. No one kept track of how many a la cartes I had booked. As I mentioned before, we ate at a la cartes every night of our 10 day stay.

You can also go in the afternoon to book for the next day, but that is only allowed 2x per week. We went to book anytime between 9 & 12 and there was always a seating available in at least one of the restaurants. The seafood one filled up fast, though and the Kontiki wasn’t open every day. They told us we’d have to share every time, but there were two or three nights that they didn’t seat us with another couple.

Does anyone know what the Kontiki serves and what the theme is. It sound Hawaiian. Also what kind of food does the other new restaurant serve and what is it called. Thanks LS

Kontiki is said to serve fusion food. I’m not sure what that means but the meals I had there were shrimp kabobs and langostina. I felt like it was more gourmet food. The other restarant has something to do with crepes and I can’t remember the name. I think it is also used for a buffet some nights but I am not sure since I never went there.


Thanks Vyro: Fusion???? Oh, well, we’ll give it a try. 2 times to Panama in one year!!!!!!! Wow, am I jealous.


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