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I have been looking for a pkg for April out of the Maritimes and last evening Jamaica caught my eye. I have been to Cuba three times and am quite lost when I am reading about the Jamaican resorts. The one that I was interested in and was looking up was RIU Tropical Bay. I followed a link to Orbitz and there it listed transportation to and from the airport as notincluded in the AI rate. I see the airport is 90 min from the resort. Is this true for other resorts and about how much would this transportation cost?

Milli,Jamaica has a lot to offer, and the Riu Tropical is a good resort to start with.It’s located in Negril which is approximately 90 minutes from the airport. The road to Negril is much better now that they have rebuilt it.Negril has a wonderful beach, it’s about the closest you’ll get to a Cuban beach in Jamaica.Negril is more laid back than other regions of Jamaica, and appeals mainly to couples and families. As far as I know airport transfers are still included in the Canadian packages. They’ve always been included in our trips.New2Cuba (Wendy) was at the Riu Tropical last year, and she loved it.Send her a pm or an email and I’m sure that she’ll be delighted to give you the scoop on this resort.
Thanks for that information Flopnfly. I never thought about the U.S.. aspect when I looked in Orbitz. Thanks also for pointing me to Wendy. I knew she went to Jamaica but that shows you how much I know about Jamaica!

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