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Hi, there. I am going to the RD and Gamboa (10/4) starting April 2. Do they have the same electricity as us (Cdn)? How was the casino as I have never been to one? Do I need bug spray? Is the canopy tour still on? Any other tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Brenda:Yes the electricity is the same as Canada. No need for a converter.The casino, well it isn’t anything fancy that is for sure, far from it. Not very big and usually quite busy. As for bug spray, that is your call. Walking around the resort I never was bothered, unless I was near the beach. This was in the evening/at night only. We just returned from the Decameron less than a week ago and the canopy tour was NOT running. This was due to some heavy rain they got which took everything down. Any other questions, ask. You will no doubt find helpful information reading through the Panama thread. I personally have only been to the RD, but there are others out there that have been to Gamboa who may be able to help you. Bebbie

We are off to the Decameron / Gamboa 10/4 split as weal leaving Feb 26. From what we’ve seem nd heard seem like a great vacation ahead of us.

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