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I was just wondering if any readers will be traveling to the Dunes on December the 27th out of Toronto? This resort is only carried by Nolitours out of Toronto so there are not too many people that would be on this flight and it would be neat to chat to travelers that we will be going to Margarita with.

Hi Tessa
We are going to the Dunes Jan. 10 for 2wks from Toronto, so I hope you will write a review so we can here what to expect.Hope you have a great holiday. Have you ever been to Margarita Islands before? We were in Cuba last year and the Dominican the year before, so I’m hoping Margarita is a good place for a vacation.

Hi Kondeb,

No I have never been to Margarita before, but my husband has and loved it. We also went to Cuba last year and have been to many tropical countries. The Dunes resort was in such high demand at Christmas time that it sold out before the brochure was available. I checked selloffvacations ever day for it and I booked in August the minute that I saw it. For the price I am not expecting a fancy room, because I know they are not, but I have been told that everything else about the resort is top notch and the food and drinks are much better than Cuba standards. I will write a review upon returning.

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