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Hi all…I have been reading all of the previous post pages and with so much information to digest I’ll try not to ask a repeat question.We are going to Panama next March for 2 weeks. One thing that really bothers us is the luggage thing. Many reviews stated that their luggage left before they did on their departure day on a separate vehicle. Was any one else concerned about this? Was any luggage ever lost or tampered with? Everytime we travel we are warned at the airports about never lose sight of your luggage and so on…What do you seasoned Panama travellers think of this?

We have only been to Panama once, but it seemed like there was someone watching the luggage at all times. It is un-nerving, especially with the new airline rules that did not allow us to lock our luggage. The trucks drop the bags off near the check in desks, so the airlines are well aware that your luggage has not been in your possession the whole time and they do not seem concerned by it. If I remember correctly, they asked if the luggage was left unattended, which it was not. It just was not me attending it the whole time. Have a great trip!

Thanks jcb. When did this new rule about not locking luggage take effect? We flew to Cuba last January and had either locked or zip tied all four pieces.

I should rephrase that. They didn’t tell us we couldn’t lock our luggage. They warned us that if we chose to lock our luggage and someone wanted to do a security check on the luggage, they would have to pull us off the plane. I’m not sure when it started, but we first heard it in May.

there is no problem at all….we were a bit freaked out too, but they have it down pretty good and the luggage beats you to the site every time.
Dont worry about it at all.

Palmtrees, yes it was a Canadian airline – WestJet. I don’t think the policy is specific to WestJet or the Toronto airport because I am pretty sure I got the same speech from First Air in Edmonton. Whether it is only Canadian airlines, that I’m not sure. I have only been on a U.S. airline once this year and I only had carry on, so I didn’t get any checked bags questions.

Just got back and something new this year was that on the return trip they were looking in luggage and throwing out peoples aerisol tins. We were lucky they skipped us because they were getting behind and we had two of them. Never heard anything about not locking the luggage. Ours was locked all the time.LS

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