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American plans to cut domestic flight capacity by 11 percent to 12 percent in the fourth quarter. American had previously expected fourth-quarter capacity to fall 4.6 percent from the same period in 2007.Parent AMR Corp. (AMR, Fortune 500) said reduced flying will lead to an undisclosed number of job cuts at both American and its American Eagle subsidiary.

AMR expects to retire 45 to 50 planes from its fleet, most of them gas-guzzling MD-80 aircraft. Those were the plane grounded for faulty wiring last month.

busman7 Guest

It could very well have an effect on Americans flying to Cancun to connect to Cuba.

Thanks busman. Are there any figures on how many Americans fly to Cuba via Cancun? Obviously there aren’t any ‘official’ numbers…Is this a significant number and do you think it will have a real impact? Is Cancun considered a domestic flight?

I just can’t see how one airline’s reduction in flights would have that big of an impact on an area that they don’t even serve and if there are alternative airlines that will get them to Cancun and other points of transfer.

Although interesting, this has no real effect on Cuba whatsoever. It’s the Canadian & English airlines and charters that affect us here on Debbies.

I go through Cancun on some trips and so do a lot of my B.C. friends – Cancun had some prices as low as $ 99 return fron Vancouver this oast winter – taxes extra !!!

Although interesting, this has no real effect on Cuba whatsoever. It’s the Canadian & English airlines and charters that affect us here on Debbies. Actually, it does affect Debbie’s members who travel to Cuba. Members like myself for example!Not everyone here travels to Cuba all-inclusive with Canadian & British charter airlines.

For some of our independant trips, we’ve flown to Cuba via Cancun a few times. It was far less expensive than traveling with Air Canada from Vancouver via Toronto to Havana and it took less travel time as well.

My apoloiges, I didn’t mean it didn’t affect anyone, I only meant that the grand bulk of Debbie’s users wouldn’t find this information of importance, that’s all. Since a strong portion of Debbie’s users are in Ontario and use those AI’s almost exclusively, an American airline has little to no significance for them. I’m sure even in your neck of the woods the AI’s are used most often.

Yey but – the real money is in Western Canada but that may change shortly !!! Mexico City and Monteago Bay are other option for us in B.C. I can see the lights of Mo Bay from the mountains near Niquero !!!

If a reply is beneficial to even one person on Debbie’s forum, its worth reporting.

Just another meaningless alarmist posting. American airlines is just one of 15 airlines that provides service from the US to Cancun and Mexico City. Even with the cutback, there will still be a lot of seats still available, due to economic conditions such as they are, less people are traveling.

This thread is not specifically Cuba related but relates to travel in general…. it would fit much better in the General Caribbean section so those who do not frequent the Cuba Forum can see it as well.

With all do respect, flying to Cancun with American Airlines from anywhere in Canada or from the United States would not be considered a "Domestic Flight" . So this American Airlines news has absolutely no impact on any person travelling from Canada or the US to Cancun and then Cuba as they are only talking about Domestic travel!!!! I’m sure they will creep into the International world soon enough, but that possibility is not part of this post..So stick a fork in it and hope that travel from Canada and Europe stays the course!!!


busman7 Guest With all due respect to all the the posters that feel this thread effects no one, that assumption is false.This fall I will be using AA (my airline of choice) flying to Fort Lauderdale then on to Mexico, CR, Panama & finally Cuba for a 2-3 month stay.

Whether I take AA from Toronto or Buffalo remains to be seen but this info is of value to me & I am not arrogant enough to assume that I am the only person possibly doing a similar trip.

Since AA does not fly to Cuba, I have moved this thread from Cuba to General Carribean Questions where it will of value to more travellers.

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