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NH Krystal Vallarta  

Av de los Garzas, s/n, Puerto Vallarta 48300, Mexico

"most horrible experience"
Posted by: scott on Nov 14, 2014
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This is like the worst resort I have ever been to, I mean I had to give it a one star rating to show bad the experience was for me. I basically have nothing positive to say except the fact that the location was great. Check in was very slow and the staff looked like they didn’t want to be there. When I arrived the room looked devastating like it hasn’t been cleaned out in a long time, the room lacked toiletries and from the look of things, it was as though that section of the room was old and maybe wanted to undergo renovation, it was horrible. The room lighting was poor and the place was so damp that it became moldy at some point, it was very uncomfortable. The smell coming from the room was like sewage and the room at some point felt like it was leaking from the bathroom drain. I can’t even begin to blame myself for coming to this place and I left after just one day here because I couldn’t stand it. The most annoying thing is that management didn’t even care what the heck was going on with the guests and they didn’t even show sign of concern when I and other guests complained. All they were interested in was just to collect money and then extra when it was needed. The food was tasteless and horrible, I most definitely will never set foot here again, you should beware of this place.

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