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So big BIG surprise on our last visit to Holguin. All liquids are being taken at security. I had tonic water all 4 little bottles were taken. While liquids not going through security in Canada (or England) is normal……. it has never been a problem in Cuban airports that we have passed through. The fellow was kind enough to let me drink one bottle …. I was thirsty …in front of him but the other 3 small bottles they took Tonic water while sad… but everyone I saw also had their alcohol taken also …one fellow had 3 bottles, another fellow & wife had 4. They must have made a killing on all the booze they confiscated. They said too one fellow that they threw it out??? kinda’ do not think so…..

word to the wise ……if you have booze, other than bought at the duty free, pack it (well) in your check-in bags.

Canucks, this is old news ..,not sure how long it’s been since you were last in Cuba, but it’s been SOP for a few years now !

Wow….I have a hard time remembering what is was like when you could bring stuff through security. This has been the "norm" I am sure since 9/11 basically?!

It was certainly in effect last December at Holguin airport. They had announcements every once in a while to make you aware of the new rules.Hopefully in the information sessions they have at the beginning of your holiday, they will make people aware of the situation.

But I think most people don’t go to those things unless it’s there first trip.

monctonguy.., in Cuba you could bring any amount of liquid in your carryon through security up until just a few years ago.( weight dependent of course )

in Varadero in April there was an announcement as soon as we walked in the terminal and then every few minutes about liquids, which gave plenty of time to pack liquids in checked luggage; I knew this before we had travelled so had done so. I had a free 40 oz of rum from the resort, but travelling on Sunwing the weight was a worry. The checked and packed luggage came to 49.9 kg, just under the 50 kg limit, that could have been an expensive free bottle

Every time we travel to Cuba we buy Rum and we pack in our check in bags for many reasons. It is hard to have it in carry-on and carry it around and second reason is security check. Once traveling to Dominican Republic I forgot to take out bottle of water and security did not say anything. I realized I have water in my back pack once I passed security and got thirsty.

well since last year they have decided to enforce it and I was not alone being rather shocked. I walked in with a 2 L. bottle of water on our last trip less than a year ago, not really thinking much about it, nor did security. As most of us know there may be rules but not always followed….. This one at Holguin airport is now being adhered to.

Well, I never knew that. Seeing as they dont let you bring a lighter through(or just on the way out for some reason) I didnt think you could pack your carry on full of liquids?You cant bring that through security at home, so what would be the point?

Maybe I am missing something here…I always packed my liquid’s in my checked luggage.

Liquids were never a problem coming out of Cuba until fairly recently. Bellagio says since July 2012, and perhaps that is when it went into effect, but I don’t think it was uniformly followed until more recently. It really is a shame Cuba has hopped onto this bandwagon, but at least what they are doing is more logical than what Canada does. No containers over 100 mls? No problem! Bring your liquid in ten 100 ml bottles, buy a water bottle, drink or throw out, empty your ten bottles into it, et voilà! A liter of whatever you wanted to bring. Silly rule! (a group of people could use this strategy to bring whatever amount of whatever they need, no problem. So if the purpose is to prevent people bringing dangerous chemicals onto an aircraft, they need to rethink this. A better strategy is just to forget about it, and hire better security people to do screening!)

Ditto eeeefarm and others.Cuba was to its credit one of the very few countries to use common sense regarding carry-on liquids and they rightfully ignored all the Homeland Security hysterics for many years.Why they finally backpedalled and jumped on the utterly useless and pointless bandwagon a couple of years ago is anyone’s guess. In any case it’s was a shame that they’re now supporting the Homeland Security propaganda.Cheers,


Maybe they are getting in line with the USA’s rules, in anticipation of that big nebulous day when the restrictions are removed and the Americans come pouring in.

Forgive me, I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy literature lately.

"No problem! Bring your liquid in ten 100 ml bottles,"that wouldn’t work when leaving Canada because the 100 ml bottles have to fit in a fairly small ziploc type bag, either bring your own or provided at the airport. Maybe three bottles will fit in the bag?"No larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in)Able to close properly with all the items inside."   that’s from Heathrow, must be fairly standard
Departing from Canada your carry-on liquids are supposed to fit inside a 1 litre/1 quart plastic bag. You can’t fit in 10 x 100 ml bottles, but way more than 3 is easy in the 1,000 ml bag…Cheers,


"No problem! Bring your liquid in ten 100 ml bottles," Maybe three bottles will fit in the bag?
Canada hands out one liter bags which you can fill with containers no more than 100 ml in size. I can jam in six or seven easily, and if I have a friend or two it’s a no brainer to get my liter of liquid through security.
Bottom line, the liquid restrictions in carry-on luggage has nothing whatsoever to do with security and 100% to do with optics, that’s it.The same holds true for 90% of the so-called "security" measures for passengers implemented by CATSA/ACSTA/TSA etc.Cheers,


and to add to this bizarre logic ….I saw a guy that had a large bottle of Purell but there was less than 30ml left in the bottle. (in Canada) because the bottle was larger than 30ml they would not let him take it through.

and to add to this bizarre logic ….I saw a guy that had a large bottle of Purell but there was less than 30ml left in the bottle. (in Canada) because the bottle was larger than 30ml they would not let him take it through. Unfortunately the people they hire to do security are not expected to think, only to enforce "the rules". To be really good at security, you must have some leeway to make intelligent decisions, have a good imagination, and the ability to "think outside the box", as a terrorist would. The most important talent for someone in security is being able to "read" people and pick up on the subtle signs.

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