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For anyone looking to vacation in San Andres Island this season, Nolitours is offering flights out of Toronto and Montreal. The Decameron resorts have acquired another property, the Delphines located on the boardwalk between the Isleno and the Aquarium. It has been rated as a 3 star equal to the Maryland, Isleno, and San Luis. The Marazul and Aquarium have retained their 4 star leve rating by Nolitours. This is a beautilful little island located off the coast of Panama in Central America but owned by Colombia. We took our first trip there last April, drawn by the good snorkeling and scuba diving. It did not disappoint. For anyone wanting to know more about San Andres, google search Big Juice San Andres Island… excellent resource site.

thanks for the update Trillium.We’re hoping to visit San Andres early 2008, and now we have another choice of resort.
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i absolutely love this island !!! hoping to return in feb. 2008, but the prices have to come down somewhat……think they will? Diane

We have already booked for 3 weeks to SAI for Feb. 08 and 2 more couples as well. It seems Sai is getting more popular. We went last year and had a great time. We met many people who return year after year.

We have already booked for Feb.08 for 3 weeks and also 2 other couples. We went last year for 2 weeks in Feb. and really enjoyed it. Many people have been returning for several years. SAI seems to be getting more popular and is only being sold by nolitours this year. I was told that club class is already sold out for feb.21.

Very nice, limeee. Which hotel did you choose this time.? Can you get an all inclusive package for three weeks with Nolitours or did you book air and hotel separate? We’re half way between Toronto and Montreal so we could leave from either airport.

Hi Trillium. We booked the 3 weeks with nolitours. They are offering 1,2,3 or 4 week packages. Last year we stayed at the Isleno and this year it is closed for renovations and cannot be booked at this time so we booked the Maryland. It doesn’t matter which decameron you stay at as you can eat at all of them. You just have to book the day before. We will be flying out of toronto. If you go on the nolitours site you can see all the packages for 1-4 weeks and cost and can also add club class if you like as well. Nolitours site will give you prices with or without clubclass or if you would like to book club class one way and not the other it will show you the prices.The prices were pretty well all the same no matter who we talked to.

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