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We will be travelling to Punta Cana again this year, and I was wondering if there are any non-smoking resorts in Punta Cana? If so, what would they be?


don’t know about any resorts that are 100% smoke free…but they have certainly cut back over the years on when and where you can smoke.

If you are worried about it, don’t be. If you wanted to smoke you still can, but if you don’t want to be around it or smell it, it’s pretty easy to avoid at the same time…..

I’ve never heard of any "Smoke Free" resorts in the Caibbean, nice idea, but some how, I just can’t see it working. Seeing as so many people go there to enjoy the cigars (?), they will never remove all smoking as far as I can see.Jake, eh

PS….."looking good SUJ"

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