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The title of this thread speaks volumes!Yukon:- Thanks for posting yet another interesting airline article. What is happening financially to ALL airlines, even those that don’t fly directly to Cuba, is very relevant. Having personally been caught in the demise of Canada 3000, I’ve become far more interested and sensitive to how airlines are faring financially. Two friends were recently caught up in the sudden collapse of Oasis Airlines.In a limited market like Vancouver, even one airline flying to Cuba going belly up, makes a huge difference to pricing. This year for example, SunWing came into the Vancouver market and the prices for some resorts in Varadero were amazingly low. Lower than I’ve ever seen them in the past several years and near the prices we enjoyed when Canada 3000 was still around.

While I hate flying through the US and on US airlines, and avoid it if at all possible, there are many times when doing so was the cheaper, more direct option than flying through Toronto or Montreal.

rfint Guest 1/3 of Canada’s population lives in Ontario, sorry but it’s a fact.

More Travelers means more flights, better schedules, and cheaper rates.

1/3 of Canada’s population lives in Ontario, sorry but it’s a fact.

More Travelers means more flights, better schedules, and cheaper rates.

Don’t think anyone will dispute those facts.However that leaves 2/3 of this country’s population looking for valid and meaningful travel info. as we try to hedge our bets on what will happen to various airlines available in our neck of the woods. Many of us have different concerns about air travel, scheduling and cost than those who live in Ontario. That’s a fact!Our posted opinions/newly started threads are just as valid as those from forum members who dwell in central Canada.

I prefer to learn from everyone- coast to coast and in between

And hear I thought Ontario was the centre of the universe…But in all seriousness…. I can’t believe the difference in prices from one province to the next.It also shocks and appals me that I can fly to the Philipines cheaper then I can fly to NWT.
And hear I thought Ontario was the centre of the universe… No, just Turonna. We here in the Boonies of Ontario are as disenfranchised as are our cousins in TROC. I apologise for the spelling. Should Boonies be capitalized? Bigjohn.
Out of Nova Scotia, most of us fly charters to vacation to Cuba. I keep reading about "remember Canada 3000" and well, yes we all remember what happened with Canada 3000 and by now surely most of us take precautions that we feel necessary to protect ourselves.While I like a good read as much as the next person, I still don’t get the point of all of these airline doom and gloom articles.

Colour me stupid and explain the relevance of these articles to my travel to Cuba in the future on a charter, assuming I aware of Canada 3000 and take appropriate precautions. Is it just general information or is there a real issue that I am missing?

You are not missing anything. This thread should be put in the following;General Section, then General Caribbean Questions/comments. This is for threads that have questions/comments that are not specific to any 1 country.

One could argue the relevance of these articles, but some do read them. I think it has been well publicized for any travel worldwide.

Hear! Hear! Mrs. Gambitt is SO right!

Every time I want to go to Cuba – or anywhere else for that matter, I have to travel to the centre of the universe first!

busman7 Guest

Some posters on this forum go to Cuba & other locations so information on the health of the airline industry is important, even for those flying from COTU. IMHO

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