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I see that messages are slowly coming in. We will be at the Royal Decameron Salinitis arriving November 26. Will try and find a message board asking for Debbie’s members to meet for a drink and how-do-you-do :D! It will be great to meet some familiar names; but it may lead to joining up on cabs for excursions and sight seeing.

We’ll be there. I’ve been reading all the reviews on trip advisor hoping to plan out a cab excursion. Any idea why suddenly there were seats available, when we were told almost a month ago only a few seats left? Phil

My guess would be that Air Transat is just trying to stir up interest. When the seats don’t sell as quickly as they like, they begin to lower the price until the bargain seekers (like me) go nuts. The other thing – I think a lot of people are leery of El Salvador. I’ve been getting weird looks when I tell people where we’re going – they think I’ve lost all my marbles.But when you read the reviews on Debbie’s and on Trip Advisor, the place sounds amazing. I’m one of those travellers who likes to try the unusual places first. I think this place is going to take off and become the place to go.

We can’t wait to get there – we’ll see you at the beach or the bar!

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