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Hello dear members of Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forum. November is here so lets get prepared for weather ahead of us with forum postings!!

So we are having November Contest here at Debbie’s Forum!!!

Who will make/start a NEW thread that has the biggest number of replies!

Contest Rules:

– Thread has to be NEW started between November 15th to 29th 2014- Thread that receives the most number of replies between November 15th to 29th 2014 is the winner- You can participate in your own thread but not only for a purpose to inflate number of replies- Doesn’t matter how many different posters/members will reply to your NEW thread- You can start as many new threads as you wish as long as you follow forum rules- Thread can be anywhere on the Debbie’s forum

Who can play:

– All members of Debbie’s forum and all moderators can play except Admin of the forum!- New members are allowed and encouraged to join forum and participate in the contest!


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Contest will be closed on November 29th 2014 at 11:59 pm.

Winner will be announced on the November 30th 2014!Prize will be sent by Canada Post mail as soon as address of the winner is received!Good luck making NEW interesting threads on the forum!

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