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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Lori and Tom — Johnson City, New York USA

July 2004

Travel Date: Easter Vacation April 2004

Having read so many negative reviews, I actually contacted my travel agent a week before departure to see if we could change our plans. Fortunately, all of the other resorts were booked for this popular week. Our family of 4 (including an 18 and 12 year old) had an absolute perfect time at the Oasis Puerto Adventuras! Don’t let the negative reviews spoil your plans!!!

At check-in I requested an ocean-view room and was pleasantly accomodated. The room was beautiful – clean and none of the mustiness that others complained of. The restaurants were all very good. An incredibly diverse week of buffets – and we especially enjoyed the poolside barbecue where we could grab a burger whenever we wanted. Bartenders were most generous at the incredible swim up bars. The entertainment team were spectacular! They kept us involved each day be it either with pool/ocean areobics, sports, dance lessons, cooking lessons and even bartending lessons!!

The location of the resort is very central. Through the Oasis tour desk, we scheduled several day trips including ATV jungle tours, snorkling and Jet Ski tours in Cancun. We also took the ferry boat from Playa to Cozumel which was tons of fun! We found the cab fares reasonable and readily available – once again arranged by the attentive staff at the resort. The marina is within 5 minutes walking distance and we spent many hours lounging around the dolphin and manatee exhibits (for free!). Of course the kids had to swim with the dolphins and our resort tour desk even got us a $49 discount per child.

I cried when we left and plan to return to the Oasis the first chance I get!

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Peter — AZ

July 2004

Just got back from 8 days June 24 – July 1 2004.

We’d read the previous reviews and were concerned. There was no need! We found this a great place. The rooms were adequate (need hair dryer,coffee maker, and face cloth, but we alwys take these) Overall the facilities were neat and clean and would rate better than 80% of US hotels.

Service and staff were good to fantastic. Better service in resturants and bars than in the US were they expect a tip. Myan’s are quiet and freindly with a good sense of humor. We did notice that the same staff who we rated as supurb did not respond to people with loud or demanding voices.

Food was average to excelent. No better in specialty resturants, just the amosphere. Suggest avoiding Weds nt in main resturant, this is Chineese and the one meal we rated as average. Suggest this nt for a specialty resturant. Thurs nt in main resturant was best fish we’d ever had. Overall – Excelent value for money.

Suggest a good trip is Fat Cat from harbor.

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Lane

November 2003

My wife and I just got back 2 weeks ago for a 7 day stay..We were there with 2 other couples..Overal I would have to say the stay was medicore at best..It was a 2 day affair to get wash cloths and wextra towels..Finally we stole some from the cart..then 2 of the rooms were wet all the time..We could never get them to dry out..The one very bright spot was the dive shop..Ralph and Sasha did a more than wonderful job..I got to get my next level of certification .Also , the 6 of us did a one day snorkle tour with Ralph..awesome time..the Friday and Saturday before we left..they authorities were trying to shut the kitchens down..supposedly for some tax problems..but by Sunday they were up and running..the breakfast buffet was better than average and the lucnh around the pool was quiant.We as a group have a great time..Took the ferry to Cozumal one afternoon and we spent a good bit of time at the Marina area of PuertoAdventuras..the resturants at the marina were great..I would suggest you take a few extra dollars and eat away from the facility ..The beach and massage area were great..scuba and snorkeling were great.most of the people were very friendly..and most could speak a little bit of English.and with my little bit of Spanish it was fun..Overall the Oasis was very clean , but most rooms of the people we spoke with were damp all the time..plenty of hot water and room are very nice..

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Tom — New Jersey

July 2003

Thumbs Down. My wife, I and two daughters (age 10 & 15) visited 07/17 – 07/24/03 through Apple Vacations. The breakfast and lunch by the pool were good. The beach, pool and rooms were clean. The pool is conveniently situated next to the beach.

The restaurants are not air-conditioned and are hot. The food (evening) is OK to bad. From our first day, I requested the repair of the A/C, in my ocean front room, and for a telephone to be installed (no phone in room). I’m still waiting. You have to sit on top of your beach towels or the’ll be stolen. It costs $30.00 if you lose your towel. A hotel maintenance employee, cleaning the huts on the beach, helped himself to my watch (sitting on the table). When I stopped him from walking away and summonsed security all of a sudden no one spoke English. After two days and numerous hours of procrastinating, Guests Services finally allowed me to fill out a stolen property report. Other guests were also reporting stolen items including money stolen from a safe inside the room. The day entertainment was good. The evening entertainment needs much improvement. The advertised midnight snacks consists of one platter of stale finger sandwiches which the flies seem to enjoy and instant coffee and tea. But, don’t even bother asking for hot water for the instant coffee and/or tea. As far as dress clothing leave them home. Our Apple rep did not care about our complaints or needs, she was just interested on selling additional excursions from the hotel. It should be rated 1 Star not 3.

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Emily — Steinbach, Manitoba

July 2003

January 2003 my husband and I stayed at the Oasis Puerto Adventures Hotel. We were pleased with the size and cleanliness of the hotel room. One thing we liked the most about the resort was the beach area. Anyone with children should stay here. Unlike the rough waters on the beaches in Cancun, the beach area was calm (located in a bay). We were able to snorkel right off the beach and the colorful fish were plentiful.

The resort staff was very friendly, especially at the buffet restaurant. The food was excellent. The buffet restaurant had seafood one night, shrimp and crab legs. We enjoyed the BBQ grill at noon; they served excellent hamburgers, chicken and fries. The a la carte restaurant at noon had a super menu; there we had lasagna, veal and pizza.

We wised up from past all-inclusive vacations where sometimes the bar line-ups are long and brought a couple of large 32-oz thermal mugs. The bartenders were happy to refill us with whatever we desired. We even had offers from other guests to purchase our big cups. One downer was that all the outside bars closed around 5 p.m. leaving only the one inside bar open, and the line-ups were very, very long. They reopened outside around 10 p.m. but we were usually in bed by that time.

The hotel is within walking distance to Puerto Adventures. Lots to see there. Swimming with dolphins and fishing charters available. Lots of neat restaurants too.

One day we took the taxi to 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen and spent the day shopping and drinking beer in the local cafes. The people were so friendly and we made a lot of great deals. If you want to shop this is the place to go.

The hotel was offering a promotion for guests to transfer over to the Oasis in Cancun as long as we stayed a minimum of three nights. So we took them up on their offer and transferred for the last three nights of our stay (since our flight was leaving from there anyway). They even paid for our transportation. Unfortunately we booked too late to get into the Grand Oasis but our room at the Oasis Cancun was OK. The nice thing about this resort was we could use all the facilities and restaurants at the Grand. The food was awesome; my husband loved the beef skewers. The beach waters were too rough each day. The quarter of a mile long swimming pool was beautiful and the gardens / landscaping is something else.

A bonus with the location of this resort was the bus system. For 60 cents we could get around ourselves. We booked a fishing trip at the marina across the street. The fellows that took us out really didn’t speak much English but we could communicate all right and were lots of fun, could tell they enjoy their work. My husband caught three barracudas. I was happy the water was too rough.

Another day we booked a tour called Coba – Chi Much, through the hotel for 86.00 US each. The tour lasted all day and was filled with adventure. The tour company was “Alltournative” and was very personal since the group was small, I think there were seven of us. We went rappelling, zip lining, to Coba (ancient ruins), kayaking, swimming in an underground cave (cenote) and were served lunch. I was apprehensive about eating outside of the resort but it was OK we didn’t get sick and the food was traditional Mexican food – delicious. This tour is a must.

We would definitely stay at either of these resorts again. We are actually planning on returning for two weeks February 2004. Hopefully we can stay one week at each. It was like having two holidays and we were thankful for the opportunity they gave us.

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Karen — USA

May 2003

We just returned from a week at Oasis Adventuras 4/26 – 5/3 and have nothing but wonderful things to say.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the hotel. The staff was very informative, friendly & extremely accommodating. The food was excellent at all three restaurants. The beach is right outside of the hotel which we found very convenient and the ocean view from the balcony was gorgeous. We found the hotel to be very clean and the environment very friendly & family oriented. The beaches were clean and the sand was very soft and not rocky or too many shells. The snorkeling was great as well.

We felt safe, comfortable and had a wonderful vacation. We can’t wait to go back!

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Erick & Holly — Canada

March 2003

I dislike giving a place a bad rep, but in this case, it’s most justified, albeit a year too late for some…My fiance and I arrived at Oasis PA on Sunday, May 5th in the evening…we were placed in the far side of the hotel where the power was out (conservation perhaps, in light of the off-shoulder season??) and I’m fairly certain we were the only ones there (ok, nice to have privacy I suppose?)…except for the bugs, of course, but hey! Trave anywhere and you find ’em , so what the heck, it’s all good.

Anyhoo, I’ve travelled to and in Mexico many a time and travel for work also, however this "vacation" will stick in my mind forever and not for a good memorable reason. I digress, let me explain somewhat our plight…light bulbs not working, the TV didn’t work (but doesn’t really matter because who the heck watches TV on vacation anyhow?), sliding door came off in my hands (honestly it did!) when I went to open the door, musty smell, no A/C (to get rid of afor-mentioned musty smell), etc.

I speak some Spanish and attempted to converse with the fellows at the main desk to get replacement bulbs, someone to assist us in reconstructing out room, etc., but to no avail. I ended up hunting around the service area and pointing to what I wanted (as you can probably tell by now, I’m not the shy type!).

So after 1 night, I had finished "giving it a chance"…we went to the travel rep who said we had to stay one more night (oh please) and then we switched on Tuesday morning to Copacabana down the road (to the tune of an extra $500 Cdn, however it was truly worth it ). Besides, Tuesday was my 30th b’day and I was NOT going to celebrate it at the Oasis PA

Oooh, the best part? I also got propositioned in front of my fiance, by another hotel guest…and it was a she! Decidedly middle-aged at that! Ouch. That did the deal. We left asap and had a delightful (if not somewhat child-infested) time at Copa. The reason our travel rep said we experienced what we did at Oasis? *Apparently* it was because the hotel was at 30% occupancy (that I can believe, with only 1 restaurant open at a time) and they needed to save power…hmmm, time to move one? Oh, I think so!

So, please do yourself a favor and book at least a 4-star minimum regardless of where you stay- Copa is nice, Barcelo is always a good bet and the like…please please please do yourself a favor, you won’t regret it (but you will if you try to go cheap on this one). Maybe it was because we were into the "off-season" but c’mon….no power???

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Jon Zillmer — Minnesota

March 2003

We were in Mexico from Feb. 28 through March 7th, 2003. We were a little apprehensive due to mixed reviews that we read. We had in previous years stayed at similiar resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and do not consider ourselves to be nit picky or snobish. So Here’s what we though: The location and facility are nice enough. The ocean was rough most of the time we were there so we were not able to enjoy much in the way of water stuff. The staff varied mainly from being not very helpful to almost resentful? Of what I’m not sure. We arrived early enough in the day but were unable to get an ocean view room. We later learned that had we offered to pay extra that we could have gotten one. They would only give us one room key for security reasons? If one of us needed to get into the room we would have to track down someone from the understaffed cashier/reception desk. They did not provide maid service the first full day there. When ask why they said that the master key would no longer work in the lock and that if we needed maid service we would need to leave our only key for them to use. (if the lone key was lost we were told that we would be charged 100.00 US) Only after I insisted that it was unacceptable did they agree to rectifiy the situation. The rooms were nice enough though musty. Our maid service left us short towels one day and extra floor mats the next. The food was OK but could have been more varied. The meat dishes were only average and fresh vegetables of not great quality. We found that the fresh fruit was to often not properly rippened. There was very little quality seafood. The beach grill was pretty good although during peak times unable to keep up. Snacks or meals outside of meal times seemed limited to cold sandwhich/type stuff. Not real yummy looking. We were advised by other guests not to bother with the the specialty restaraunts as the food was not as good as the buffet and the reservation process a needless pain. Our travel companions got sick, seemed like food poisening or similiar for two periods though we were generally cautious. The service at the bars was basic to poor, proper staffing and more emphasis on service would have helped. The evening entertainment seemed to be desperately lacking. One night it was Bingo??! From others that traveled at the same time and stayed at different resorts we felt that we didn’t get a great experience. We still found ways to enjoy ourselves but with more effort this place could be great. Basically I think the failures could be addressed if the ownership or management made it a priority. As for us we won’t be going back. We’ll probably try and research another resort or go back to the Dominican Republic. Even with simpler suroundings their attitude of service made all the difference. Good Luck!

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Trudi Brooks

February 2003

Oh my…. Just returned from a 1 week stay Feb 14 to 21st – I/ We husband, children, extended family were very pleased with this 3 1/2 star resort. The food while somewhat repetitive was very good- excellent omelette bar – juice bar …. – beef / turkey for dinner etc. Mexican a la carte was very nice. First room not ocean view – finagled (nicely) a ocean view for the next day, there are only so many per hotel. Very faint smell of mould ( just like at the cottage at the beginning of each season) in the first room (assume it was not as well used as the ocean view). Don’t go to a different country and expect them to speak your particular language perfectly. Don’t go to a different country and expect it to be just like home. Just stay home. Don’t go to a different country and expect them to know what is in your drink that your local bar keep makes you. Try something new! If the line is long.. order 2 drinks – it’s easier for the bar tender any way. Before you assume I have low standards.. I have always stated at 5 stars only once at a 4 star – I was more then impressed with 3 1/2. Go, enjoy, leave happy – stay happy.

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Tim

February 2003

stayed here feb 2003…my third time in cancun area..hotel was advertised as economy three star, and more than filled my expectations…staff generally freindly and always helpful, food good, but skip the seperate ala carte venues…beach scene choice of noisy or quiet around the point…came from baltimore on apple tours, great flight and transfers, full time rep in hotel…would go again..

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Oasis Puerto Adventuras Sharon Maxfield
January 2003

Run!!!!!!!!! Run as fast as you can from this resort. The most miserable week of our lives. The food was so bad the cat’s would not eat it. The mold in the room (on the ceililamps shadesades & baseboards) was disgusting. Requesting a different room was like asking for a billion dollars in gold bulliabsurdsurd at the best.

Having traveling to Mexico many, many times; this was the mdisapointingting week we have every spent there.

Run!!!!! Run as fast as you can from this place and tell everyone you know to run as well.


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