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  Caribbean Village Club on the Green   Sophie ~ New-Brunswick, Canada

January 2008 a We have just arrived from a week at the Caribbean Village in Puerto Plata, DR. We stayed from December 31st to January 7th, 2008. We booked 10 days in advance and had a very good price. We flew via Air Transat with Nolitours tour operator, out of Quebec City. We are a couple in our mid-30’s who travel to different resorts and destinations in the Caribbean every year. We usually opt for 4 to 5 star resort. This was our first stay at a 3 star. The low price was a priority. I was a bit worried at first but took the chance anyhow. It is important to note that this hotel has just been sold to Occidental Allegro chain of hotels. It was closed down for a few weeks and re-opened on December 24th, 2007. At least half of the hotel was still closed for renovations during our stay. They plan on upgrading the hotel to the next star. Rooms:
Upon arriving, we were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to a suite instead of a superior room, without any extra charge. The room was very large with a living room area. Lots of storage and space. Our package also included a welcome basket with rum and gifts. Unfortunately, we did not have any bottled water or fridge in our rooms. The rooms were very clean and always well kept during our stay. You have to buy bottled water at the store but you can refill at the restaurant or bar for free. The balcony is very large and very nice with a table and four chairs and an extra 2 lounge chairs. Beach:
The beach was nice although we have seen nicer beaches in Punta Cana and Cuba before. It is the Atlantic Ocean and not the Caribbean Ocean. Beware of lots of Dominicans selling products on the beach. You can tell them no thank you and they will politely leave you alone. You will find lots of chairs on the beach, no need to reserve. A Dominican will kindly supply the number of chairs needed. Pool:
They mention 2 pools at this hotel but only one was open. You have access to the bar from the pool. The pool is a bit small. It was very quiet and relaxing, no need to reserve chairs. Lots of shade too. The pool is also next to the golf course. Food:
The food was very good; neither of us got sick all week. Please note that they’re only one buffet restaurant. They’re a snack bar by the pool and on the beach. We went to the 2 A la carte restaurant (Brazilian and Italian) and both were very good. The food was always fresh and appetizing. The pasta bar was my favorite at the buffet. My husband does dot drink alcohol and I was pregnant so we did not have any drinks. The fruit punch slush and virgin Pina colada were very good. Other:
We did not do any excursions this time. We unfortunately got 3 days of pouring rain during our stay. We got sun and 28-29 degree weather the rest of the week. I suggest taking the safety deposit safe in the rooms ($15 USD/week) and keeping the key with you. Some vacationers got broken into and the thieves found the key in the room and all they’re money was stolen in the safe. Also beware of time sharing salespeople everywhere, they will offer you free gifts and many promises. I suggest bringing a small alarm clock since you do not have any in the rooms. The negatives:
We did not have any hot water for almost 4 days during our stay. We complained to the tour operator guide and she talked to the hotel. We were not the only ones. They somewhat partially corrected the problem during our stay. If you are a tennis player, the tennis courts are in very bad condition for now. Note that you will also only have one room key per room. We heard many vacationers complain about many things but I do not think some very fully aware of what was included in the package and amenities at the resort. The resort store was closed for renovations; we needed to walk 20 minutes to Plaza Dorada to buy necessary items. The positives:
For the price that we paid for, we were very satisfied. We knew exactly what to expect and read many reviews too. We just loved the rooms and large balcony. We also liked the food. The service was very good, nothing to complain about. The resort was quite clean considering the ongoing renovations. We liked the quietness, security and not having the stress of reserving chairs by the pool or beach. Like a few readers mentioned, do not expect a 5 star resort and always find out what is included in your package. This way, you might not have as many surprises upon arriving. This resort is under full renovations and changing by the day, it will definitely improve in the weeks/months to come. We will not return to this resort since so many places and resorts to see but we were still satisfied overall. Have a nice trip. Thank you to all the reviews.
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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Sam ~ Brockville Ont.

February 2007

My Husband and I just returned from Caribbean Village the end of Jan/07, We took a last minute trip, I had been there before but he hadn’t. We have been to the DR 6 times and just love it.

Caribbean Village is just awesome, The staff is very friendly and very helpful,the food is great and the rooms are very nice ,we had a superior room, very large and clean ,lots of AC and a great balcony .My favorite is Miranda’s one of the Al a cart restaurants, you sit outside under the stars and they serve you lots of good food and wine.The trolley to the beach is great also you get to meet so many nice people.The bar and restaurant at the beach is everything you could ever want and more.

We met some fabulous people ( Mary,Sandy, Brenda, Alex and Baron) we had a great time with them. I recommend The Pub Crawl to anyone that wants to party and have a great time, call Cafe Cito to book it and they will pick you up at your hotel and return you, it’s the time of your life, ( say Hi to Tim,Misa and Milady) you will love them as we do.

I never seen a bug or got bit by one while I was there, you people that say that bring them from the beach( sand flees) or from the golf course. They sprayed twice when we were there.You should always shower off before going to your room when coming from the beach, there are out side showers. I say to people that complain about everything, when you book a 3 star hotel don’t expect a 5 star you get what you pay for. AS far as I’m concerned this should be a 4 star at the very least I’ve been there twice and certainly plan on returning.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Bill ~ Canada

February 2007

This is my third trip to all-inclusive resort, but my first only 3 star. Wanted to see if a star can make differences, and yes it can.

First the good: the weather was great, lots of sunshine, and the staff was excellent, smiles all the time and a ton of hand shakes. Ony at the pool bar was great, would see you coming and have your drink ready. (don’t forget to tip, they work hard guys). Also the girl at the beach bar, sorry I don’t remember your name, but always had a smile and joking around, you made it more enjoyable.

Ok now for the bad: yeah yeah I know its only 3 star but, one key for your room for two people? Never heard of that before? In your room one glass? (didn’t look they cleaned it even thou it was wrapped).

One bottle of water for the week, which you had to fill up once it was empty at the buffet, and you fill it up from an army style container. You can buy bottle water at the resort store, around $3.00 Canadian. The room had a tv and a shower which didn’t work, reported to the front desk and watch as they wrote it down on there fix sheet, but went the rest of the week without this being fixed.

Oh did I mention that I got sick from the food the first two days there?. after that I ate only things that looked safe. (when I was in Cuba both times, I ate everything in site).

The other thing that I thought was funny at the time was the staff that entertains us, horn dogs!!

Yeah they love to enjoy a young good looking girl. One time while showing a group how to dance, he decided it would be more fun if he spilt up one dance pair… grabbed the young girl as his partner, leaving this lady standing there like a fool for the rest of the show, and then she just walked back to her seat. (that really pissed me off). This happened at the pool exercise class also. I would make a game of it and guess which one he was going to molest. Maybe its us Canadians, they tell us what is not expectable, but in the rest of the world it is? If this was in Canada …I just witness a ton of sexual harassment. Oh well looked like the girls were having fun, glad it wasn’t my girlfriend.

Went to Ocean World one day for $55.00 US each, they take you there at 9:30am and expect you to spend 8 hours there? which is when the bus goes back to the resort. They have 4 major shows and I use that term loosely, some shows only last 5 minutes, the longest last 15minutes. That leaves a lot of free times. Lucky I found out they also have a bus leaving at 2:30pm. (can not recommend this place). Someone said the horseback riding was great and only a few more dollars….crap should of went to that!!…lol

Had my luggage broken into, my lock was missing and so was one of the gifts for the maid.

Also when you go to the beach, be prepared for lots of vendors on the beach.

In Cuba never had to deal with this……can you tell where I’m going next year? Lol

Hope I was able to help a few Canadians in what to expect. I’m sure if your young you will love this resort as I have read some of there reviews. (room was clean and only one lizard on the wall)………

Me?…………I’m going to stick to my 4 star, I always say live and learn…and I did… Debbie love this site, thanks for making it easy to travel.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Mary ~ Canada

February 2007

Myself, my sister and our best friend stayed at this resort from January 23-30, 2007. We read many reviews about this resort and honestly cannot believe that the people that wrote negative comments actually stayed here. The resort is great. The staff (especially Ony and Cesar at the pool bar) are amazing. The animation team are tireless, they work so hard in the hot sun all day long to make your vacation fun, so if you don’t want to participate, don’t, but don’t be so down on the people that want to. If the music is too loud at the activities pool, move to the adult pool. The food was very good, we tried both ala carte restaurants and enjoyed the Brazilian more so than the Italian but they were both good. The buffet had so much to offer that if you could always find something to eat. The rooms (we had a junior suite) are big and comfortable with a huge patio. They were always kept clean and towels and linens were changed every day. We never did see any of the critters or bugs that others have complained about and the only bites we got were from the sand fleas at the beach. The beach is about a 15 minute walk from the resort but the views along the way are worth it. You can always take the tractor to the beach if you don’t want to walk. The plaza is large with many stores (even Pizza Hut) selling everything you could possibly need. We did the Pub Crawl which was booked through the amazing restaurant/bar Cafe Cito (the best food), Misa, our tour guide was sooo much fun. We also hired a taxi to take us into Puerto Plata to go to the flea markets but be prepared to barter and you will get some amazing deals. We made some great friends (hey to Sam and Art, Alex and Baron) who made our holiday even more enjoyable. We would easily go back to this resort as it met all of our needs which included food, booze sand and sun….Great Job Caribbean Village…..

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Debra ~ USA

May 2006

This resort needs to be closed and have some major renovations done on it!! It was dirty and run down and we could not believe that they were even allowing guests to stay here. We had bugs in our room and IN OUR BED!! Within hours of arrival to this resort, we started the process of finding someplace else to stay!! IT WAS REALLY BAD!! We are pretty well seasoned tolerant travelers and went with an open mind, knowing this was only rated a 3-star resort. But we never expected to find the filthiness and the bugs and the poor conditions that we found here at Caribbean Village Playa Dorado.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Debra

May 2006

My daughter and I are from Hamilton Ontario and we just got back from the Dominican Republic. I had read some of the reviews from other travellers and I just want to let you all know that they were very helpful.

We stayed at the Carribean Village Club on the Green and the palce was fantastic. We had a junior suite, the A.C. worked great thank God…it was hot. The maid service was good, we left treats everyday and as far as the staff they were all fantastic. The food was repetitive but we got used to it.

The pool was clean and warm, the bars had a good variety of drinks to choose from, the disco was clean but it did get warm in there. The entertainment staff was the best part of our trip…they had us dancing and laughing all the time.

We had never been to the Dominican before but are now planning a trip back to the same esort in November. it was safe, secure and a great time. For all of you women travelling with your kids I would highly recommend this resort as it offers a safe place to have a good time without having men come on to you.

If you want more information on this resort please e-mail me at ldoucette1@hotmail.com.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Tracie and Jason

December 2005


Well I’m just now getting around to reviewing the Occidental Club on the Green in Playa Dorada. My trip was actually October15-22, 2005. My new husband and I went there for our honeymoon.

I was a little scared of going on this trip in the weeks leading up to it. I had read numerous horrific reviews. But I was determined to stay open-minded and enjoy my trip. I’m so glad I did. Despite some minor problems, we had a fantastic and enjoyable trip. The cab ride leading to the hotel was a little scary, but once we got to the hotel, everything went smoothly. We arrived at around 1:30 pm, and check in wasn’t until 3. The desk clerk checked us in anyways and we were in our room within 10 minutes.

The hotel grounds are immaculate. Our room was just like the one we saw on the Occidental website. It was spacious, clean, and very cool. Our A/C worked wonderfully. Our room didn’t smell. We always had clean towels, sheets, etc. We did leave little things for the maids each day (nail polish, hard candies, little toys, etc.) We heard some other guests complaining of dirty rooms, cock roaches, flooding, etc. This was not our experience. I don’t know why, but it seemed as if we were the only ones around with a nice room. (We were in the 34 building).

The pools were clean and there were always lots of beach chairs available. The music that plays mid-day at the big pool is annoying and loud. When it came on, we usually moved to the adult pool where it was nice and quiet. The towels could use an upgrade. They were very worn and had holes. Bring one from home if you are going.

The bars were very quick and efficient, though different bartenders made the same drinks completely different. Because of this, you never really knew what drink you were getting. You could ask for a fruit punch and get a rum and coke. But honestly, who really cares?

The buffet was boring. Breakfast was usually tasty, but lunch and dinner were very repetitive.I usually stuck to the potatoes and pasta when all else failed. There were a few really good nights of food, but also some really bad nights. We found ourselves hungry at night and had to buy overpriced snacks from the gift shop our of desperation!

I kept thinking it was ignorant when I read the negative reviews where people complained of the locals coming to the resorts on weekends. Everyone deserves a vacation. HOWEVER, I totally see where they were coming from now. The locals do come out in droves on weekends, and they were obnoxious at Club on the Green. They were slobs, leaving plates of food everywhere. They were pushy at the bar and buffet. They were also very loud and obnoxious at night, screaming conversations to each other outside.

The beach was ok. It was warm and there was a bar. The downside was the actual water. It was dangerous. The current was strong and would knock you into the sharp coral. If you are going to lay in the sun (like I did), it is fine. If you want to be swimming, stay at the pools. The vendors are a little annoying, but they go away if you say no.

Lastly, we went on the Outback Jungle Safari tour. I would recommend it to anyone. It was the best day of our trip.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Canada

October 2005

My girlfriend and I just returned after a week in Puerto Plata.

We stayed at the "Club on the Green" (Occidental). Although this is not considered "5 star", I have to say I was impressed with the facilities, overall. The staff are always cleaning and maintaining all areas of the resort. The food was excellent here. It offered a good variety and the food was hot and fresh every day. The room was a good size, we were on the 2nd floor of the villa, with a large patio overlooking the adult pool. The only downside to the room was it was not very bright at all. The staff are also very friendly! I would definately stay there again.

Playa Dorada Golf Course – Robert Trent Jones
This course is alright, its not visually esthetic though. Its flat with quite a few dog legs. The greens had brown patches although it is very hot at this time of year. The green fee was $50 + cart fee for 2 ($20) + $15 caddie fee. (USD) If you cart, you only take 1 caddie. If you walk, you would have to pay the green fee + caddie fee. (each person) My girlfriend and I decided to walk on our first round and I had Angelo as my caddie and my girlfriend had Louis. Angelo is a very good caddie, however, at the end, he told us that we were not tipping them enough. This was very uncomfortable for my girlfriend and I. The next round we took a cart and asked for "Eddy" and got Angelo instead. Anyways he was not as talkative as the first day, but still did a good job, so we tipped him more. ($30) On the last day, we played 36 holes and Angelo was very talkative and again very good. At the end, we tipped him very well ($! 96 US on the last day. (we gave 400 pesos for his kids). Also, they have a sign posted on the front door stating if you want to play 36 holes its $80.00 – same day. We payed for 18 holes and then decided to play another, and they wanted to charge us full rate again. With the help of our caddie, we got the second round for an additional $30.

Casinos There’s only 3 in the Playa Dorada complex. The worst casino was the one at the Jack Tar Village. I would not recommend going there at all. Its small, not a lot of machines, and not a lot of them working and no one to fix them. The El Dorado Casino was also small, not a lot of machines maybe 20-25, but a nicer looking place. The most upbeat one was the Paradise Beach Casino. A few more machines than the El Dorado. If a machine broke down, there was someone there to fix it right away. Waitresses were always coming around. The only thing to be aware of is the conversion of your money especially if you play in pesos. Its best to play in USD.

All had table games available. (blackjack, caribbean poker, 3 card poker)

Ocean World Adventure Park and Outback Jungle Safari.
Definately "must do’s" !! Both were exceptional!! Lunches were great, the dolphin swim and snorkelling was quite an experience. The boogie boarding on the outback safari was also awesome!

If it wasn’t for the bug bites, this would be true paradise!!!

Asta-la-vista Baby!!

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Donna ~ UK

September 2005

We stayed at the COTG for a week in August and had a fantastic time; I wish we could have stayed longer. Having read some of the reviews we were wondering what we were letting ourselves in for. Some of them couldn’t be further from the truth. This review is long but I didn’t want to miss anything out. Our room was on the ground floor and yes it needed re-vamping but it was clean and cool (air conditioning was fab). The room smelt a little musty to start with, but on talking to the Rep it seems this is the norm as they do not have damp course in the Dom Rep and as they had had some heavy rain previously this was normal, anyway the smell soon went. It is definitely worth paying the $15 dollars for a room safe (at least you know all your valuables are safe). We received fresh towels every day and our bed linen was changed regularly. The hotel staff could not do enough for everyone and they always had a smile on their face. If I could give award it would be to the Fun Club Staff, they work so hard and kept us all entertained. There are live shows almost every night and there was always something going on around the pool, jogging, water aerobics, Spanish lessons, and volleyball to name a few. The food was lovely and there were loads to choose from. I recommend trying the a-la-carte restaurants; you need to book with reception (they are not open every night). We went to Miranda’s the open air Brazilian restaurant and practically rolled down to the bar afterwards. Unfortunately we did not get chance to try Firenze but heard very good reviews about it. We tried most of the cocktails and my favourite was cocoa Ron. (Coconut slush puppy and rum). The Domicans’ love their Rum and nearly every cocktail had some form of rum in it. The pools were smaller than we expected, but nice. There is a quiet Adults only pool, which is surrounded by trees, so there were a few leaves in the pool, but the water was clean. The main pool was very clean and this is where most of the activities were based so don’t use this one if you want to sleep. The hotel is situated on a beautiful golf course and the views are fantastic. The grounds are lovely and beautifully kept. The brochure neglects to tell you that if you want to play tennis you have pay to hire the rackets and there seems to be no set charge so be warned (we were charged $4 for 2 others $7)

The hotel is about 15 minute walk from the beach so the hotels provides a free tractor shuttle that runs approx every 15-20 minutes until 5pm and if you ask nicely you can hitch a ride part of the way to the playa Dorada plaza to save you a 20 minute walk. Once at the beach you will find the drink/snack bar, toilets and shower. Each hotel has there own down there. COTG’s is just on the left from where the tractor drops you off as is open 11-5 (all inclusive here as well). On the beach you will find all the supposed free non-motorised activities. (We never actually tried them ourselves as we told by other hotel guests there was a charge for most things). The only downfall is the beach sellers as they are everywhere and pounce on you at every opportunity (if you do buy anything make sure you haggle with them for a much lower price and don’t find out the hard way like I did). However we did discover if you go where the beach is quieter (near the jet skis) you are more or less left alone.

The hotel did get very busy at the weekend as the locals come and stay and this did spoil the holiday a bit as they seemed to take over. I recommend booking trips at the weekend to avoid them as much as possible like we did.

We went on 3 trips while we were there and I recommend them to everybody. The monster truck safari (see the real Dom Rep in 8 by 8 trucks), Paradise Island (wow, a desert island surrounded by crystal clear water where you snorkel with tropical fish) and the best trip ever Ocean World Adventure Park (We swam with the dolphins and it was amazing. Check out their website to see what else you can do). We booked our trips with the Rep (apart from Ocean World which we did direct to make sure of the dolphin swim)

The climate is tropical so most days it clouded over by about 3 and on a couple over occasions it rained but get up early everyday to enjoy the best weather like we did. Mind you we were asleep early ever night so I cant tell you anything about the disco and the sports bar We would definitely stay here again and I hope this review is of help to you.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Lindsay & Adam ~ Moncton NB Canada

March 2005

We arrived at Caribbean village club on the green Feb 11 2005, after a great flight from Halifax NS,Canada

Flight- was excellent not a full flight lots of extra room to stretch out

Arrival 9:30am- there was and Air Transat rep waiting for us on arrival very smooth luggage pick up

Arrival at Resort- 10:15 am it was about a 15 min drive to the resort first impression was just as good as the last

Check in- Smooth check in we had our room within 1 hour of arriving room 2025 room was clean and comfortable air conditioner was excellent, make sure you take some face cloths with you as you will not have any when you get there, the maids are very poor and appreciate any gifts you do take for them!

Food- the best we’ve ever had travelling, excellent choices and nice presentation of food we never went hungry everyone made comments on the food, drinks were very well. Pizza and fries hotdog and pasta is served on the beach with all the drinks you want

Beach- about 5 min from resort we were able to go anytime from early morning till 5 PM and beach was in a great distance for a nice walk

Shopping- about 20 min walk from resort was the plaza which is filled full of shops for anything you need, Internet cafes and telephones. We hired a taxi driver to take us to Puerto Plata for the day which cost us 25 US dollars for almost a full day …..tip them well they will stay with you and show you all over the city, make sure you barter wit them they love it. Shopping on the beach was crazy once you buy from one guy selling stuff they all will come over to see you , if you not interested just say no thanks they eventually will get the hint, if u want a good deal tell them cheapy cheapy they will sell you what you want cheap, 30 min walk up the beach are more little huts with souvenirs to buy

Weather- 3 days of rain out of 8 days average temp was 38

Scenery- wonderful mountains surrounding the resort and lovely blue waters on the beaches and a golf course near by, tennis courts and 2 pools

Flight home- 945 PM – great flight home although someone stole a bottle of cologne and left the cover and a pair of jeans our suit case was opened when it came off the plane (they are very poor) we figured someone needed it more than we did

This resort is a must see if your looking for a cheap vacation with tonnes of stuff to do

Returned to Canada on Feb 18 th sunburned by very relaxed and happy

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green Cindy and Joe ~ Canada

March 2005

we have been home 3 weeks now and it is vary cold!..I wish i was back. The hotal was nice rooms were clean.People there were complaining ??? What for ?this is 3 star Which was perfectly fine..The food was good and the drinks were great.There was a ride to the beach ever few min’s The Guys kept every one busy fun show every night. I sure can’t fault this trip.any one who complains better book 5 star.

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Caribbean Village Club on the Green John ~ Hamilton, Ontario Canada

February 2005

We have gone to 16 resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, we have never sent a review in the past, but this time because of the exceptional food, service and staff at the Caribbean Village we wanted to comment.

My wife and I went Jan 31– Feb 7, 2005 from Ontario Canada . The selection of food, how it was displayed, the cleanliness and taste were fantastic. The restaurant help were super. So were the front desk help, manager , bartenders and entertainment group. The grounds, the public bathrooms were spotless.

The rooms were a 2.5 star, for the first time in months my wife’s back did not hurt, it must have been the large comfortable king size bed. The toilet did not flush when we first arrived but that was repaired within a couple of hours. The lighting in the room and bathroom could have been better.

There are two pools on the grounds, the main pool is where the action and music is. The water in the pools were cold but they had a fair bit of rain and cool evenings the weeks prior to us coming. There is a shuttle to the beach every 20-30 minutes, and the ocean water was warm, the beach is nice. Food and drinks are available at the beach bar. Overall this was a very good holiday.

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