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Quinta Avenida 72 y 76, Miramar, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba
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"This hotel plays with overbooking and kicks you out mercelessly"
Posted by: Matheus de Groot on Mar 22, 2012
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Hotel correcto. Dificil llegar si no conoces la ciudad y además es de noche. Mi estancia fué de paso, sólo una noche. Alejado del centro.

Habitación muy amplia y cómoda. Desayuno correcto.

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This is the 8th time I have been to Cuba and this was undoubtedly the worst place I have stayed in. The rooms are poor, corridors extremely dark and the staff at best indifferent. I want to come back to Havana but it will never be to this hotel.

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poor Leaking AC turned room into skating rink

Restaurants and Bars:
Average, The staff just either ignored you or in the case of a cook on one breakfast who thought I could not speak Spanish thought I could be insulted. The quality of the food was poor and the evening buffet incredibly expensive.

Non- existant grounds just a path to some tennid courts.

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the personel in the lobby was great but, you cannot park outside in the lobby mean while you are cheking in. the security guy was rude, unproffecional, i had a problem with one of the bus drivers , he was yelling in from of every people about my car that suppostly was park incorrectly. to be honest to that hotel i dont go anymore. thanks

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When we arrived at the hotel, we found the lobby full of tourist groups (the kind that arrive in a bus and fill everything). The person in charge told us some excuse about a technical problem and sent us to another hotel. First they lied to us saying that the other hotel was of better cattegory. When I looked it up in my guide and found it was an old hotel (founded in 1927), in a different area of Havana (Vedado instead of Miramar, which we chose very specifically) and I confronted the person from the hotel, she admitted it was not a better hotel. Little did it matter: we were sent to the other hotel whether we liked it or not. I have never ever ever been treated so badly, I had never been kicked out of a hotel that was already paid for. Better luck if you decide to book this!

One thing I could see was the toilets next to the lobby, and they were old and disguntingly dirty.

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