ok bebbie, decision has been made… | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

decided I need you there ;Dyou have been so very kind with sharing all your info,think it’s time to put some pressure on the "dh" lol, tell him it’s only 2 weeks, and heck 1 week would be cool too.your sooooo close to the city that the flight leaves from…

aww come on!

do what you have to, get the man to agree!

You are soooooooo bad Lynn.Maybe, just maybe I will win the Super7 tonight. There are only three of us in on it. Then I would be there………yuppers, even if I couldn’t get on your flight – I would find a way to get there. I live even closer to Buffalo airport, there has to be a flight I can hop on that will lead me to Panama. Might take me all day to get there, but it would be worth it.

At this time I will just settle on hearing what a great time you and Veronica had.

bebbie, how does the airport reflect on bringing back your duty free booze? at one time we could bring it in our carryons, does it have to be checked? one of our friends would like to buy there and bring some back, but unsure how to do it…

Hi: You will be able to purchase booze at the airport in Panama after you have gone through security. You carry what you buy right on to the airplane with you. No problem.


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