Old Reviews – Bahia Estela by Viva Resorts

In terms of my experiences: There is no way hotel should be rated 4+ stars. 2-1/2 stars would be much more appropriate. Food is below Cuban standards (consensus of everyone there, although made worse by the fact that I got a bad gastro half way through the vacation). Very poor quality and variety. Unused food appeared recycled. Food in the buffet was seldom replenished, so if you went for dinner at 8h30, there would be very little left. Service was terrible!!!! Many people who went with us went 2-3 days without pillow covers or blankets. Furnishings minimal and shoddy. Hotel very understaffed and staff undertrained. Appears to be an absence of management even though it is Viva Wyndham run. Most staff speak only Spanish. Example – one broken ping pong ball. Staff requested to get a new one – said it was unavailable either there or at the Wyndham next door. Guest went and got one from next door themselves. We are still waiting to receive the wake up call we requested for our last day!!! Frequent breakdowns in electricity and water. Easily fixed (flicking a switch) but took hours and multiple requests to get it taken care of. Promised facilities (Gym, etc.) advertised but don’t yet exist. The staff tries but there is no routine and they have not been properly trained. We learnt that hotel only started receiving guests at the end of December. Before they were time share apartments. Should not have opened before they were ready!!!!!! WE spoke with no one who was satisfied with the hotel experience. 2 star hotels I visited in Cuba in the mid-seventies were better!!!! On the positive sites, the beach is one of the best in the Caribbean and is not yet developed so you really feel the remoteness. It is an excellent place to relax, but really needs better hotels.

Another point possible visitors should be aware of – very bad for sand flies (it was also wet when we went) and my wife and I were completely bitten up.

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