Old Reviews – Barlovento

Arrival – We arrived on Jan 7, 2008 in the early evening and stayed until January 21, 2008. Check-in was fast and friendly. We all ended up in rooms with the wrong names attached but I would blame that on my practicing my Spanish and the fact that we had such a large group. They handed us the keys with numbers but not names so it was like drawing straws we each took a key and went to see what we got.

Rooms – The rooms were clean and comfortable. We were able to get three in a row because we were traveling as a family. They were all identical. The view from the balcony was of some beautiful palm trees and some trees with pretty purple flowers. One of the local people told me that they call them paper flowers. There was always hot water in the mornings and evenings but not the afternoons.

Restaurants – There were 3 restuarants the Cuban(at night)/Lunch Bar(during the day), the Buffet dining room and the Mexican Restaurant. The Mexican was my favorite and the staff there were excellent. We had no trouble getting into any of them.

Bars – I think there were four of these, Lobby, Beach, Bingo, Snack Bar. All were okay. My favorite was the Beach bar China was very nice and it was nice to sit and watch the waves. I know you have probably read it before but an insulated mug is a great item to bring. It will keep your drinks colder longer, reduce waste and get you a bigger drink. You will spend less of your time waiting for a drink.

Beach and Pools – The beach was fun alot of waves but we had a couple of really calm days. The kids used the Boogie boards on the days with waves and the snorkle gear on the days that were calm. We took a ride on the catamaran and had a nice look at the beach.

Grounds – The grounds were well maintained and cleaned regularily. I don’t recall any time that they weren’t working on something. They hosed down the areas that could potentially have glass and swept away all debis daily. I don’t think they could do a better job. We happened accross a soccer field and my son was very excited. But let me tell you get really hot fast playing soccer in Cuba.

Activities – We often missed the activites that is our own fault because we were not real clock watchers. But we did participate in the bowling, archary and Bingo. The organizers were a lot of fun. The people at the animation hut were very friendly. We went there often for items to play games with and were always warmly greeted. This is where you get the soccer balls, pool table balls, shuffle board things etc.

Tours – We did the Seafari Tour. I really enjoyed it. We got to see the dolphins and have our picture taken with them. We also were able to pet them. This was perfect for my youngest because he would have been to little to really swim with them but for older people and teenagers it might not have been enough.

We also went to La Habana. That was a great day. Everyone took something different away from there. I had my Cards read, my daughter found a beautiful painting, my youngest girl got to go to the chocolate factory/just a shop but with real hot chocolate and hand made chocolates.

Conclusion – We had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat. The hotel was perfect for a family. And the price was reasonable. We were close to restaurants, Bars, the market, horse and buggy rides, cool little taxi rides. Something for everyone.

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