Old Reviews – Be Live Grand Punta Cana (formerly Oasis)

Rooms We got a good deal from Sunwing (after a cancellation of our Mayan Riviera destination just one week before!! with no explanation!) so we were debating upgrading to the suites, but ultimately were still on a budget so chose the "deluxe room". Initially had some problems, which gave us about one hours worry about our choice, but front desk and maintenance were quick to fix an adjoining door which had swelled open (maybe a family had been there all week and kept it open?) Also took a little wiggling to get the balcony door secured to my boyfriend’s standards. Room was huge with King-sized bed, comfortable, with a closet with shelves and lots of drawers to put our stuff. Not the case in all rooms as we got a glimpse of a few down the hall. Could be the difference between a deluxe and standard room? Also suite rooms in Building 7 definitely nicer, but we ended up liking our room in Building 3 very much, close to beach and activities and as one woman in 7 said "much closer to the bars to get a drink!" However, one thing we noticed….DAMP. Took two days for our towels to dry from home and clothes and sheets always a little damp, which strangely enough didn’t bug us while there but as you will see cost us on the way home!! Jeans not a good idea in any case, as I like to wear jeans capris and skirts. Not a good idea with the humidity! Tahira, our maid, was quick to answer any concerns about the room if spoken to directly, esp. about our preference for Coke Light and a remote that worked. Otherwise clean towels, face cloths and room every day. Did tip her few bucks a day, she obviously worked hard all day, but always had a smile or singing. Restaurants We had no problems finding something to eat at any time of day. Buffet breakfast had alot of selection, Carlos, our AM waiter always ready with a smile, high five and my tea, was the best, there for breakfast and lunch. Dinner waiters we found hard to get drinks from or missing cutlery, just seemed not to care as much as earlier staff. We ended up eating and leaving quickly to go to the pool bar to relax after dinner. We also tipped when we had good service, but guess the evening waiters actually never got to find that out! Italian was ok, but our reser was for 9:45, and we ended up pigging out at the beach grill on chicken and fries so we wouldn’t be hungry!!! Needless to say we were still a little full. We missed the seafood place because I got sick (tried to blame the food, but my boyfriend was quick to point out the amount of rum I had the night before….oops) But we didn’t think we missed out on much because was so windy couldn’t have been that pleasant. American Grill we ate at twice and really liked it…loved the chips and salsa before the meal! First time we had resers, second time on our last night we just walked in and asked if we could be seated. Good beef enchilada in the combo, liked the fajitas. Also, could still find food to eat when i was not feeling my best…nothing a little white rice and bananas couldn’t fix!

Bars No complaints there…when I found my drink a little weak at the pool bar just asked for a little more rum. No problem. May have been the start of my downfall that day! My boyfriend thought the Presidente beer on tap tasted like Coors light, but we also loved the Vodka and orange with fresh orange juice….and can’t forget the BananaMamas! Little too sweet to drink all week tho’. Pool bar very refreshing to sit in the water and get your drink or wander around the pool with it.

Beach and Pools Beach was great, always cleaning up the seaweed, and always found a nice place to lounge when we wanted. Took a long walk to the left past the other resorts (we’re really nosy about how other people are living!) and found the undeveloped beach and the sunset our first day there. Meant to go back but just never made it. Main pool was nice and refreshing , alittle bit of debris floating, but a guy cleaning it during the middle of the day. Always noticed someone cleaning something! Was windy some of the days we were there so could understand. other pools looked nice but never made it to swim as main pool more active and closer to the bar!

Grounds Just amazing and beautiful! Took way too many pictures of flamingoes for my BF’s taste but they made it seem more like paradise. Maybe saw some kind of a funky squirrel or rodent run across the end of the hall, but it’s open, what can you do.

Activities and Entertainment BF caught a beach volleyball game and was quite happy, we did the banana boat for $10 bucks each one day and the 1 hour snorkelling from the glassbottom boat for $20. Was worth it, as bread in hand attracts many coloured fish, blue and yellow, with some duller striped fish and some blending into the coral. Caught two shows which were entertaining, but missed alot of them as just getting through the kids show required more alcohol than I could handle all week! My son probably would have loved it, but….little too much! Disco was fun and packed the one night we made it, with animation staff staying to get the party started…they work long hours!! Casino was fun as my bf won on the 25 cent slots…I managed to grab $175 of his winnings…paid for our dunebuggy excursion and more. Animation staff also busy all day doing all kinds of exercises, games, dancing, etc. Fun to watch, didn’t get too involved tho’.

Tours Through Sunwing, booked the Country Adventure tour, which we figured, you can’t visit a country without learning a bit about it. Didn’t regret it one bit, very interesting and entertaining guide Alberto, forgot the school supplies I meant to bring for the kids, but others remembered. Really an experience to see how other people live in other countries. Bought some oregano off of the woman who’s house (shack) we visited, then raw sugar and vanilla at the ranch. Then had some panicky thoughts going through customs with an unlabelled container of green leaves and white crystals!! But had no problem there. Found out I was allergic to horses at the ranch…travellers, a little Benadryl, Gravol and Immodium can’t hurt and make sure you have your Ventolin if you’re even a little asthmatic…you never know what your trigger will be (I’m a Nurse). Missed out on swimming at the beautiful beach because others in our group had dinner resers and we were late already. Oh well.

Next we took the Tropical Storm Happy Hour Sunset Tour. Got stuck on a boat full of french-speaking people but luckily found two other english couples. Got to snorkelling point and unfortunately the "Tropical storm" part came out….the waves were too big and the boat ahead of us were rescuing their passengers as we got there!! Apparently some tail-end of a hurricane was causing big waves….and clouds! There went our sunset…no wonder I had too much rum. Still had fun but wouldn’t do this tour again…only rum, coke, sprite, orange soda and beer on that boat. But the little bottles of mamajauna with our pictures on them were cute and only 10 bucks. The 3rd and final excursion (we found out we’re not lounge people) was the dunebuggy ride. The MOST FUN we had all week….awesome, we were filthy and loving it. Finally made it to the Macao Beach we had missed earlier, which was amazing…but alot of kids and people trying to sell stuff while you’re trying to wash off! Cheapie, cheapie, just 4 u! Then back in the dirt and off to a natural pool in a cave….equally amazing. At the end they offer you horse riding…I skipped this time!

Departure and Check Out Went fine at the hotel. get the phone cards to call home though…my bf mistakenly made a ten second call home to Canada and it cost us $9. Phone cards are $20 for 18 min, internet $5 for 20 min, but for two days one of the computers was free so everyone kept sneaking on! Ok, here’s the thing about damp rooms….you’re luggage weighs a heck of a lot more going home than when you came. I bought some souvenirs, but nothing major, some pareos and necklaces for the kids, three little bottles of rum and coke light for my bf. However, when we got to the airport, they told us both our bags were overweight and charges us $100…between the two of us 10 kilos over. I can’t figure out how since when we left both bags were under, but when I unpacked my jeans felt like they came out of the washer damp….that’s all I can figure out….but caution for anyone who likes to skirt the limit, they will charge and we weren’t the only ones because they kept announcing for all the people who paid overweight charges to verify their receipts at the airport. I’m thinking some kind of scam too, but whatever…they took american or canadian, they didn’t care as long as it was cash!! I felt like a criminal.

Conclusion We definitely had a great time, our first trip away from the kids by ourselves as a couple, you could definitely have a romantic, fun, amazing time here. We have no idea what a 5 star would be like, but we’re not fancy smancy people and Grand Oasis suited us just fine! had a little of everything for us. We also like the size of the resort, not so big you needed a trolley to get from place to place, could walk to everything easily(especially when a little sick and needed to get back to the room quick, LOL) We would consider bringing the fam back here if we ever considered bringing the kids back with us, but I think we might keep it our little place for now (there’s five of them!!)

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