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My wife and I are from Calgary, Alta and we just returned from 2 glorious weeks(Mar.21 to Apr.4) at the Riu Turquesa resort in Varadero. We had a wonderful time. This is our second trip to this quiet all inclusive resort. Here are some of our observations from our stay:

SKYSERVICE: This airline was great to us. We pre-booked our seats through Sunquest at a cost of$10/person/way. This asured us of getting our seats together. Food was OK for airline. Good movies both inbound and outbound. Not bad leg room. Downside was we had to be at the airport 3 hrs ahead, security opens 1 hr ahead. So 2 hrs waiting.

SECURITY CUBA: No problems here as long as all your travel documents are in order. Took us less that 5 minutes to clear security. Just a note if you have the chance while your waiting for luggage get your money exchanged at the airport. You’ll get a better rate here than at your hotel.

CHECK-IN: No problems here. They had our reservation and our room was ready when we arrived. They will keep your passport for a few hours, but this is common.

ROOMS: Yes they are small and the beds are only 3/4, but its comfortable. We had no problem with them as we spent very little time in the room anyway. When its busy the maids tend to get a little sloppy with sweeping floors so you may find grit or sand on the floors. We as well as other guests had some problems with sand fleas. We got bit quite a few times. The bits a quite itchy. Bring bug spray and antihistamines, as well as itching cream.

BEACH: Far and away the best beach on the Varadero strip. Its sand is so fine, not coarse like other spots. There are plenty of huts for everyone to sit under, but if you want the ones in the front row you need to get there early. The guys that run the water sports(pedal boats, katamarans, sailboats, kayaks, etc) are great guys. If you get the chance say Hi to Dreg. It does get busy so you may have to reserve times for the above items.

POOL: We found it to be quite nice. It is not a heated pool but when the temps. soar to 35+c it gets warm real fast. Lots of chairs for everyone. Its a nice way to end a day at the beach.

RESTURANT: There is only 1 buffet style place to eat here. There are 2 sittings for dinner. at 6:30pm and another at 8:30pm. Men are required to wear pants for dinner. There is also a snack bar for burgers and fries.

FOOD: We have read so many reviews complaining about the food as well as praising it. Well let me tell you after 2 weeks the food gets really boring. Having said that you can always spice up the main fare by having pasta at the pasta station. How about trying pizza for a change. That’s what we did. We did have Ham 1 night and Turkey another but most the main entrees are Fish, Chicken and either Beef or Veal. There was Lobster 1 night but we missed it as we were out on tour. Remember you are in Cuba. Its hard for them to get what you’re used to in Canada.

TRIPS: If you get the opportunity take the trips offered by your tour company. Try Trinadad de Cuba for a different adventure. Its a long bus ride but well worth it when you arrive. If this is your 1st time in Cuba you must see Tropicana. Its great. How about the Katamaran tour along with the sunset tour. You will find this tour so much fun. The tour guides are wonderful.

ENTERTAINMENT: No bad most nights. If you find them amateurish give them at least an "A" for effort. They try real hard and you might just find yourself enjoying them. We sure did. The Variety show was the BEST. We did notice this time that there was almost always something going on at the pool area, not so much down at the beach.

STAFF: What can I say about these guys and gals. They are just super friendly. When you need something they are there quickly. Your drinks rarely stay empty. I can’t say enough about Raphael, Reynar, David, Oscar, Yorgeny, Sonja. Mayelin, Alfredo, Mario, Jorge, Michael, Gregorio, Gustov(the rest of the entertainment staff) and all those I have forgot.

TIPPING: Please do if you feel you were taken care of,if not don’t. Money is nice, products are more useful.

OVERALL: The staff at the Riu Turquesa make this resort what it is. If you’re are looking for the party crowd the Turquesa is not for you. If you want a quiet relaxing vacation with little distraction the Turquesa is one you should look into. I hope this helps you decide where you should vacation in Cuba.

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