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November 2005

My husband and I just returned from 2 wonderful weeks at the BEACHCOMBER CLUB & SPA in Negril, Jamaica. We loved that our room, dining room, pool and beach were all so close together.

RESTAURANT – We were really amazed at the food – it was delicious. The bread and rolls were baked right there and they had the most wonderful chocolate and carrot cakes. We tried the Gambino’s Italian food, Jamaican and you could even get cheeseburgers. The fries were home-fries, not frozen. The coffee was the best we ever tasted.

BEACH – We had a 7-mile stretch of beautiful sandy beach. We did notice that the beach in front of the Beachcomber was kept the cleanest of debris and seaweed that drifted in, compared to the other close-by resorts.

STAFF – The waiters and waitresses did everything to make our stay so pleasant. Every day our chambermaid put fresh flowers in our room. We have absolutely no complaints about this resort and highly recommend it. Everything from checking in to checking out and everything in between went so smooth. We will definitely be going back. We met some great friends on the resort – Louis, Richie, Dennis, Paul, Tyrone, Cooper, Petra, Wiolet, Mr. Irving, Rose, Neville, Ian, Natalie – the reservation lady, Diane – the only timeshare lady that I ever met that didn’t pressure you into buying. They were all awesome people who shared in making our vacation so stress free and relaxing. We will never forget them.

OVERALL – We stayed in 5 star resorts in other parts of the Carribean. I enjoyed this resort the most. This resort certainly is the Jewel of Jamaica.

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Beachcomber Club Tiffany — Montreal

December 2003

Beachcomber Club is a great place to stay in Negril and is very reasonably priced. We took an Air Canada flight out of Montreal on Dec.14, but had to fly through Toronto because there were no direct flights to Montego Bay at this time. Everything went very smoothly. When we left Toronto for Montego Bay the flight was delayed a bit. We were supposed to get to the airport around 2pm, but we ended up getting there over an hour late. It must have taken us close to 2 hours to get out of the airport and clear customs, but after that, we were on a bus and on our way to Negril.

Arrival: We arrived at the hotel at about 7pm after a long bus ride(about 2 hours) Check in went very smoothly and we were brought to our room.

Accomodations: We stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment suite. It was very huge and very clean and nice. It had 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, diningroom, kitchen(equipped with fridge stove, microwave, washer and dryer.), and livingroom. It was only like a 30 second walk to the beach. The maid service was great and she always brought in more than enough fresh towels daily.

The crowd: I would say they were about 70% Europeans and 25% Americans and 5% whatever else. Everyone was very friendly, with a good mix of singles and couples. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. Everything is very laid back and pleasant.

The Restaurant: There is 1 restaurant on the grounds with very good food…They have everything from chicken, beff, seafood, pasta, etc. and it is very reasonably priced. There is also a Margaritaville right next door to this resort and many other restaurants in the area will pick you up and bring u back for free just for eating at their restaurant.

The Beach: The beach is very nice…white sand and clear blue water. It is on a very nice stretch on Negrils famous 7 mile long beach. Sometimes people will try to sell you things when they walk along, but a simple "No Thank You’" will work just fine.

Transportation and Nightlife: If you need to go to the supermarket or even just go out at night a cab will cost u about $3-$6 US for 1 way which is not too bad. There are parties along the beach everynight that play live reggae and are much fun. Eg: Alfreds, Risky Business, Bourbon Beach, The Jungle.

Overall: This resort is a great place to stay for people of all ages. IT has 4 stars. I stayed at a 5 star all inclusive a few years ago and I enjoyed this place much better than the 5 star one! I will be definately returning in the near future.

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