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  Sunbeach Varadero   Louis ~ Montreal, Canada

August 2009

Arrival: August 2009 Ok,so I will no complain about the usual in Cuba, The food was not great and there was no water pressure, the new building was shutdown because it had no hot water. After 10pm no way you can get any food on the resort and forget about getting booze or water after 1am. No activities during the day, my friends children were extremely bored by day four without any activities. Some of the staff members were super friendly others not so much.

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  Sunbeach Varadero   Lisa ~ Winnipeg, MB.

March 2008

The Sunbeach Hotel in Varadero – I would definitely stay there again! The hotel is rated 3 star; so it was kinda scary because we didn’t know really what to expect. I joined this forum in late January and got alot of very useful information regarding Cuba and our trip. There were also those that gave the Sunbeach a thumbs up; while there were those who said they would never stay there. We went with no expectations and were pleasantly surprised.

Check in – 2 am in the morning: This unfortunately didn’t go too well. First off, someone can’t be happy to be checking in 15 people just arrived from Winnipeg at 2 am. I had taken all the papers that Trip Central had either emailed or snailmailed me. The front desk reception fella was just in a ‘bad’ mood I think and wasn’t taking anything I had as our hotel voucher; even though it said right on it "Hotel Accommodation Voucher’. He kept saying it must say "Sunwing". Finally after some tense moments, I think he realized this was what he required and checked us in. There were 12 somewhat disgruntled people behind us waiting to check in, so he did what he had to to move it along. Perhaps Trip Central has a different way of presenting their hotel voucher, but it was clear to anyone this paper I had was confirmation enough. Plus he had our name on a list. I had also previously emailed Sunbeach and they confirmed our reservation. I had asked for a room on the 3rd floor.

"Mr. Happy" gave us what we believe to be the worst room in the hotel. When entering the room at 2:30 am, after being at the airport since 2pm the previous day, we were quite tired and this room ‘stunk’! The only good thing about it was the bathroom; an important feature to me, and it was very, clean and recently remodelled. We set our luggage aside and went to sleep and would deal with it in the morning. The next day we requested another room. They put our name on a list and needless to say we ended up with a very nice room, bathroom again very clean and recently redone and this time a balcony. Every second room in the smaller tower at Sunbeach has a balcony, so we were quire relived to get one. The hotel was full to capacity, with perhaps a few spare rooms. The rest of our stay was quite fine. Our maid "Marielo’ was a fantastic lady who left me little notes everyday. We would leave her candy, gum, pens, keychains etc., with the Canadian Maple Leaf and she seemed to quite like them. She would leave extra towels and when I asked for an extra chair for the balcony, she was very accommodating. The restaurant was buffet style and you would never go hungry. An omelette cook stood front and center every morning, making our eggs to our liking everytime. The coffee was addictive to say the least, even though it wasn’t fresh brewed, there’s something about that Cubita Coffee. Sunbeach offered a really nice touch; a coffee bar in the lobby, where you could also get a rum drink if you so desired. Here you could get fresh ground coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos from 10am til 10pm. This was one of the best ‘amenities Sunbeach could have offered me! The people working the coffee bar were always very friendly and prompt to serve you. Getting back to the buffet, There was a main dish every day for lunch and dinner, along with numerous other side dishes and always a large selection of fresh vegetable, and fresh fruit and many different salads. A huge bun/bread area and the desserts were GREAT! Lots to choose from and the ice cream in Cuba is fantastic. The hotel offered a pizzeria which opened from noon til 10pm. There you could go, sit down and the waitress would bring you a menu. You could ordered different pasta dishes as well as many different types of pizza. Then you would go up to the salad bar, not quite as large as the main buffet, but still choices. You could order whatever to drink and they would bring your pizza or pasta to you when it was ready. We only ate there once, cause we agreed we like the many, many choices of the buffet better, plus you could eat as much as you wanted!!! Which, apparently upon returning home was such a good idea!

The front lobby was a bit tired, but very colourful and always full of people milling about, especially cause the coffee bar was right there. The rest of the front desk staff were ok, and we treated everyone with kindness and respect, which is what we were generally treated back with! The shows the hotel put on every night were FANTASTIC. A different show every night; from dancing to singing, to a magic show which still blows my mind to a water ballet, which was great.

The ‘anamacion’ team members were great people, and ‘Alex’ would also do volleyball, baci ball, and other games on the beach. Every morning he would recruit people to do ‘gymnastics’ which was very fun and I participated numerous times. The beach was unbelievable, with many lifeguards and security people making there presence subtly known, so you always felt safe to leave your beach bags around and no one would steal or bother you. There was a fella everyday to wipe of your lounge chair if you wished, and the beach bar staff were also great guys, The pool was alright, although I was only in it once! The beach was what we went to Cuba for. The pool bar was good, you could get anything you wanted there, including ‘slurpee’ like drinks (alcohol free). If I’ve missed anything, it was probably good to! Overall, Sunbeach was definitely worth the money, it was an extremely inexpensive trip for my family and I and we would definitely stay there again. If you go with an open mind, not expecting a 5 star hotel, it exceeded my expectations. It was a very clean hotel, the staff for the most part (95%) were great people, everyone has a bad day now and again right! We would recommend this hotel to families, people looking for a cheaper, clean hotel right directly across from the best beach EVER!

Thanks you, and sorry for the longwinded review, but I really can’t say enough, Cuba was great and we would return in a flash.

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Sunbeach Varadero Margaret ~ Canada

February 2007

it is not a bad placeoverall,the first room,on the old side is not nice but,once we complained they got us a room in the newer section,which was quite good,clean,smoke free with a balcony,2 beds and a cot,the elevator worked fine,the waterwas warm,no complaints,animation was ok,the food was plenty but not as good as could be,the staff,very kind and attentive,beach wonderful,could use a bathroom closer to the beach with a nice lunch bar-would return

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