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  Breezes Runaway Bay   Mo ~ Vancouver, BC

September 2009

Arrival: Sept. 2009
Breezes/Super Clubs completely messed up our six-weeks-in-advance paid-in-full reservation.

Because of this we will not be having the vow renewal we signed up and paid for without a substantial financial penalty because we should pay for the mistakes made by the reservation department.
When we called to get this corrected, we had at least four "customer service" people assure us that they could fix their mistake if we paid the penalty fees.

We were also assured, repeatedly, that they were comfortable with profoundly disappointed guests and it was fine with them for us to share our frustration about their atrocious "customer service."

Their mistakes = you pay fines and fees

At least I only regret my resort choice for my honeymoon, not my choice in husbands.

If you want an aggravating resort and are hemorrhaging money, choose SuperClubs

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  Breezes Runaway Bay   Jennifer ~ Ontario, Canada

December 2008

Arrival: Dec 16-23/08
Painless, they have a great lounge that you can’t miss as you come out from getting your luggage. Bus ride of about 45mins on a really good highway. Check in, again painless and quick.

We had two rooms, one with a king for us, and one with two twins across the hall for our two girls. Both rooms were exactly what I expected, however beds were not comfy. Bathroom consisted of a large shower stall. and toilet. Sink was located outside the bathing area.

Restaurants and Bars:
Food was great. First time kids did not survive on pizza and french fries. Lots of choices in the buffet. The two ala cartes- Pastafari, and the Japanese were both great. Food was amazing. Bars-lots and lots of choice. Found that the girls really liked hummingbirds, and yellowbirds, as well as orange blossoms. Husband likes anything with rum. Myself, I was drinking Bay Breezes. Try a shark bite, or a monkey brain!!

Pool, never had any trouble getting a lounger at any time of the day. The same with the beach, although not the greatest beach I have ever seen, small and narrow, not a large area for swimminng.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went and recommend Dunns River Falls, although did not like the stalls at the end of the tour, they have to be the pushiest bunch I have run into, as compared to Cuba, and the Dominican. That said also the friendliest.

Other Comments: All around I would recommend, and go back to this resort. Ran into many repeat visitors. Some there for their 8th time. Staff were amazing, all remember your name, and your drink at the bar. Sandra the guest relations manager was amazing, can’t say enough about all the staff!!

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Breezes Runaway Bay Susan

June 2006

We were at Breezes Runaway Bay from June 20-28, 2006. We had a very relaxing vacation and really loved the beach, with the exception of the roaming drug dealers (there were a couple of regulars who sold pot and hash on a daily basis) and the shell/starfish salesmen who harassed you in the ocean daily. As for the resort, it is 1-2 star maximum. The service personnel in the restaurants and bars, and particularly housekeeping were very nice, the front desk attendants were consistently dismissive and rude the few times we approached them (especially the tall thin woman who seemed to almost always be there). Major issues: outdated rooms, poorly functioning air conditioning (none at all for two days – we nearly died); absentee casino attendant (waited for two hours one night for a $60 cash out (front desk was no help and casino attendant was MIA – Manager finally helped us); internet cafe is hardly ever functioning and the $7.50 you pay for 15 minutes lasts for much less – similar to prepaid calling cards – you get about half the time you pay for; beds are terrible – a mattress on a slab of wood; the food is just okay – the only really good food was the Italian restaurant – but you have to reserve by 11am or you don’t get a seat even though it is largely empty and the omelet lady at the terrace cooks some great eggs; and finally for a beach resort they amazingly rarely seem to have any beach towels, so if you decide to go there for some reason – take your own towels. I can sure see why they are scheduling a multimillion dollar renovation – believe me, it is not a moment too soon!

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Breezes Runaway Bay Liz ~ Canada

April 2006

I just want to let people know ,this resort is no way a4 star the beach was nice the food was fine and the staff was really nice except the front desk,the rooms are awfull we shared a room with mice or rats all week,as we dd not find it until the day we left it was under the air conditioner I heard scrathing the night before but did not find out where it was till morning iam so creeped out been in jamica 14 times and never had accomadation like that I would say the rooms are maybe a 2 star.

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