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Casa Marina Reef/Beach Resort


British Columbia, Canada

December 2008
Arrival: November 9 – 23, 2008 My husband, my 15 year old daughter and I stayed at the Casa Marina Beach from November 9 – 23, 2008. We are Canadians and have very open minds when it comes to travelling in other countries. We read the reviews on the Casa Marina and were specifically looking for an all inclusive right in Sosua. The location for us was excellent. You have access to great beaches, warm ocean water and are able to walk freely throughout Sosua.


The hotel: – as I said, we have pretty open minds. The room was your typical resort room. No facecloths, no blow dryer (take your own), we had to request extra towels as there were three of us. There are no fridges in the room or coffee maker. We had a pool side room (main floor) which was great. However, the patio door did not lock and although we made three requests to have it repaired, this never happened. The toilet in the room ran unless someone hollered "go jiggle the handle". My husband fixed it several times and again, although we made requests to have it repaired, it never happened. There were mold stains on the bathroom door. Hot water was at a premium and most of the time was only tepid. The airconditioner leaked water onto the floor but it did work. One night my husband got up during the night and stepped on a cockroach. But, I guess that is to be expected when you are in a tropical country.

Restaurants and Bars:

The food was absolutely horrible at best. We noticed that the night before leftover meat was usually on the breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet never really changed – scrambled eggs, french toast, hard pancakes, ham, fried salami, sausage, bananas and cantelope. Pastries varied somewhat but were usually hard. You could order omlets which weren’t bad. Lunch was terrible and dinner was usually the same with different sauces. They had stewed goat for the main meat twice which was hardly touched by anyone except the Domincans that were staying at the resort. They open the resort to the locals on the weekend so the resort became very busy. It was difficult to get seating in the buffet restaurants. The snack bar had hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken and fries which we found better than what was in the buffet. The ala carte restaurants were good except if you went to the seafood restaurant and wanted a steak or lobster, you had to pay for it. We went off resort for many me! als as we just couldn’t face a bad buffet. Watch for the local restaurants who have a "tourist menu" and a "local menu". The tourist menus are higher priced. The all inclusive bars close at 11 pm so if you want to drink after, you had to buy drinks at the cash bar at 100 pesos or about $3 US per drink. If you went to one of the local bars off the resort, you could get the same thing for about 60 pesos. The staff was few and far between but what staff there was friendly and most spoke fairly good english. They were helpful and courteous. Our only real problem was water. When we checked in we were given two water bottles. We requested a third but never did get it and had to buy another bottle of water for my daughter. You are responsible for refilling your bottle at the restaurant as you did not receive any more water.


Beaches are accessible to both tourists and the local residents so it was interesting to meet residents and talk to them…they are smooth talkers for sure! Security does keep them from accessing the resort itself.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Be careful of the excursions sold through the travel companies. We went on a catemaran trip and literally rode the high seas. They do not cancel the trips due to poor ocean conditions. We went out and the water was choppy and then a storm hit with 12 foot waves, rain, wind. 90% of the people on board got sea sick. We felt that the trip should have been cancelled and our money refunded (about $270 US). There was no offer of a partial refund. The water was too rough to each the sandwiches provided or even have a drink.

Other Comments:

All in all it was an interesting experience to stay here. They need to spend some money fixing up the resort, improve the food and hire more staff. The location is beautiful. Would I recommend someone stay here? Probably not unless I didn’t like the person, then I would recommend it.

Casa Marina Reef/Beach Resort
The holiday was good. my room was a bit naff and in need of good updating. Room 2411.. I think it had wood rot as the bathroom door as it was full of holes. The wash basin area and lamp shades was full of fag burns also. Give them there due they would have moved me the next day but then l was settled in and could not be bothered moving. I would like to stress that the reef shop many a time tried to rip me off with change so tell fellow travellers to be aware and always pay in pesos and not dollars in the shop even if it means changing the dollars first at reception. Overall the weather was good apart from one day of rain, staff polite, food good.

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