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We went to Playa Naco Resort April 1 to 8, 2006, me and my husband (we are in our late 30s).

RESORT: We really liked it. We took a superior room, with a terrasse. It was a huge room, it felt like an apartment. Even if it’s old, it was well maintained and it was well cleaned everyday. We thought about changing to a balcony room, as it would have been the same price, but since everything was working perfectly in ours, we decided we might as well stay there, anyway, you’re barely in your room. I would suggest you take the 15$ fees key for the safe, it was well worth it. As I put what was priceless in it and didn’t really had to be nervous about something may be taken. If you can, bring a small flashlight, just because soom rooms (ours was like that), the way it is set up, it’s very dark in the closet where the safe is, and you couldn’t see in it, so you had to grab everything out and then chose whatever you need. We were in bldg 17, room 1704. We were right on the beach, within 1 minute walk! If you don’t ask for faceclothes, you may won’t get any, so either you’ll have to ask each time, or you may chose to bring some along.

FOOD: I’m not a very picky person for food, but I don’t like to eat what I don’t really know what’s in there. So, I stick to whatever I knew I’d like, and the variety was so huge, that anyone can find something they like. If a person doesn’t find something he likes there, that person is probably someone who can never be satisfied. My husband though, really likes to try different things in food, he tried a lot of various things, and most of them, he enjoyed. We didn’t tried the ‘A la carte’ restaurants, even if it was included in our packages, as we had so many variety from the buffet and the restaurant at the beach, that we didn’t bother to reserve to go there.

TOUR: I find they are very expensive. One had a very good price though, which was the Half A Day Pueto Plata Tour, at $35 US per person. We left at 9:00 in the morning, and came back at the resort at 4:00 in the afternoon. We went to 2 different little stores one containing history of a Larimar stone/mine with a little tour guide (it was very expensive there though), visited a church, a fort, the Brugal Rum factory, a tour of where the 2% rich people of Puerto Plata leaves, and 2 hours at Sosua beach, where there are about 150 huts to buy souvenirs. And, too, we stopped around noon at a restaurant and had a buffet included. So, that was a really good deal.

VENDORS: They really are annoying, most of them, some are like pest! Gees! But, still, we are in their country, they know we have money to spend, and they are trying to sell their stuff, so, even if it wasn’t fun, I knew it’ll be like that, and I was patient and kept saying no when I had no intentions to buy, and I was dealing with it ok. My husband chose to stay outside the huts most of the time as he hated too much being assle to buy all the time. So, it’s up to you to chose to get in the vendors huts or not. They can go very lower with their prices, you stick with what you want to pay for the item. If that vendor doesn’t want to agree, then, you can be sure that in another store or hut, you’ll find the exact same thing. There’s the Orange Huts on the beach, and past that, if you take a nice long walk (which we did), you’ll see other huts. But we didn’t bother to go check them, as we had bought what we wanted allready.

MARKET: Within 3-5 minutes walk, you can go to the Playa Dorada Market, it’s a mall with a few stores. It’s considered big there, it was nice. I had found a site in the Internet for that Market, and it describes the mall and the stores in it.

ENTERTAINMENT: I have to say that it was like a 2 on 10 for us. There wasn’t that much going on as far as entertaining. The people doing shows were the ones working there, so they are not professionnal. I watch some a bit, my husband didn’t really care for it. Before midnight, everything was about shut down there. But, in the Playa Dorada Market, we’ve heard there was disco, karaoke, casino. We didn’t go, some did and some enjoyed it. There are people working at the resort who go after their shift and they can walk with you so you’ll feel more secure. They used to have a disco in the resort, would have been nice to still have it.

WORKERS AT THE RESORT: The big majority is really nice, some are sweeties!

POOL: We didn’t tried it as we were always at the beach. I would have like that there would still be a bar inside the pool (heard it was taken off not too long ago).

TIPS: We brought many american dollars for tips. On our first day, everytime we would get a drink or a service, we’d give a dollar, so they were going fast, and when we look around, we realized that everybody there was not giving any (which we wouldn’t) or were giving every let’s say 3-4 times, so that’s what we went with, as you are there for 8 days. Plus, every morning, before leaving the room, we would leave a dollar plus 2-3 things on the pillow for the maid.

LOCATION OF THE RESORT ON THE BEACH: What made us decide to go there was the reviews that said it was the best location on the beach, and for that, we had no regrets. It was by far, the best location on the beach. We walk long walks both sides of the resort, and ours was the best spot on the beach.

HAIR: If you want to have your hair done, negociate and deal a lot, as there are so many of them doing them and you’ll be surprised at how much the price varies from one to another. I had just made half my head, the front part, and it was very nice, for $25 US, some were charging more. Turned out that at the Orange Huts, could have had the same thing for $15.

PHONE CALLS: We are from Canada, and having two little girls, we wanted to call home every second night. We thought maybe a phone card would be the cheapest way, but we were told that you simply use the phone in the room to call home and then, this charges at the Resort itself and before leaving, when you check out, you just pay whatever you owe (in pesos or US). It cost us less than $20 that way, and we had made about 4 or 5 calls, and some were kinda long, so it was a really good price. If you chose to go this way, make sure you check to see if it’s still the cheapest way. What we did, is we call the first night, that way, just talked about 3-5 minutes and then, went to the reception and asked how much it was, so we knew and had an idea of the price.

REMOTE: We took one, as most of human, we cannot watch TV without it haha! Just make sure you return it when you check out.

CHECK IN AND OUT: Was done very fast, not at all a long wait. And as well, the drive from the airport to the resort was just about 20 minutes. As I’m the kind of person who is very organized and hate to forget things, I kept a little notebook with notes of what to do, what not to forget, and so, I forgot nothing.

RESUME: We really enjoyed our stay at the Playa Naco Resort, and wouldn’t mind to go back again at all. And if you decide to go, make sure you try the Bananamama at the beach, MMMMMM!!!! It was my favorite drink! (They do it as well at the pool, but it’s not the same.) Go, relax, and just enjoy every single minute of your trip!

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