Old Reviews – Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca

Arrival – Everything went smoothly. We arrived at night and the airport was quiet. Busses were there to take us to our hotels. No problems at all. Trip to resort was about 45 minutes. Road is in bad shape but the driver did his best to get us there quickly.

Rooms – The rooms are nothing like the pictures on the internet or the brochures. Our room was small. Had two single beds(that we pushed together to make a bigger bed). No vanity in bathroom so if you have a hanging travel bag take it. There was always plenty of hot water all day long. We had a terrace that led out to the garden. It was nice to sit out there. During our stay we didn’t see any bugs in the room. No spiders eithers. We did have a couple of flies and a few mosquitos but all in all the room was okay. We didn’t spend much time in it anyway. If you are a light sleeper unplug the phone, it rings occasionally at night, not sure why.

Restaurants – We waited too long to get a reservation at the a la carte restaurants. We had breakfast and dinner at the buffet restaurants and lunch at the snack bar. Breakfast was really good. Fresh fruit every morning, and omelets made fresh to order. Also all the bacon, sausage and french toast you could ever want. Go early to get the good stuff. Bread for toast and fresh OJ ran out by 9am. Dinner was okay. Meat or fish on the grill each night. Assorted veggie dishes and an array of other stuff. Ice cream for dessert every night was nice too. Snack bar offers regular food like pizza, fish and burgers and the best fries. One snack bar is open 24hrs. Our snack bar was run by Roger, he is the best. Tip occasionally, for good service and they will continue to treat you right.

Bars – We mostly hung out at the snack bar and got good drinks. The forzen drinks are not that good but the rum punch is great. You can control the amount of rum added so if you like the not as strong tell them. Some of our drinks were way to potent and made for an early nap. They also like the tips but pace yourself. Tipping is optional but you get better service. I think all the tips are pooled and split so watching whom you tip doesn’t matter.

Beach and Pools – The pools are great. There are 4 pools, one in each area. Cold but refreshing. Each one is beside a bar and a snack bar so you can relax by the pool and drink and eat all day. The beaches are beautiful. There is a long beach with public access and this is where you get the paddle boats etc. There are also 3 small private beaches. One with a bar and two without. Snorkelling was a little disappointing because of the distance you needed to go out to see anything. Be careful, it is a long swim. Get a life jacket and just float around or as many people did, take a paddle boat out and snorkel. The sand is white powder. There are plenty of loungers and on the public beach you will find bars for the public. Beer there is like a buck a can.

Grounds – Grounds were beautiful. A lot of security around and because there is a lot of people at this resort it is needed. There are a few cats and dogs around, don’t feed them unless you really like them. They are strays that get food from leftovers at the snackbars. There is a boardwalk that links this resort to Las Brisas and beyond. All in all I felt safe during my stay.

Activities – Be sure to book your a la carte dinners as soon as possible. As well as booking paddle boats, catamarans, and such. There is entertainment every night but it is not that good. We did see the ballet aquatics and it was nice. Other than that we did our own thing.

Tours – We went on the tour of Holguin. Saw cigars being made and went to the Hill of the Cross. It was full day and lunch was included. it was nice to see the countryside. Shopping in Holguin was not good.

We also went for a long walk down to a fishing village down the road from our resort. It is a village built primarily on coral. The people there are friendly. They are very poor. They sell you necklaces and stuff. One lady even invited us in for a lobster lunch, we declined it but probably should have gone in. Beside the resort there is a flea market. Cuban vendors selling t-shirts, jewelry, cigars, and hats etc. There are also some shops there selling stuff. Bottled water sells for one peso for 1.5 litre bottle. Buy some it is cold and safe. Rum is cheap there as well but as we found out cheaper at the airport.

Conclusion – This was our first trip to Cuba and we may or may not go back. We did not enjoy it as much as the Dominican. Nothing really wrong with it. We got a great deal and for the money well worth it. We paid $359.00 plus $209.00 for the week. We flew last minute with Skyservice. The people here are much different from other poor countries. Some were nice but others begged and begged and begged. We gave money to some, not all. Just a totally different experience from our others holidays.

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