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2 hotels (Carisol and Los Corales) have fused into one resort. There are some benefits and some really bad things about the merger. I will explain in the following paragraphs. I will start by saying we had a wonderful time. The location is beautiful. The vacation was cheap. It was great. My girlfriend and I were at Carisol Los Corales in January of 2008. The flight from Montreal was good. Cubana Airlines. 2 dollar cuban beer (Cristal or Bucanero) in cans on the plane. Awsome. Cristal is 5% and Bucanero is FUERTE or strong. I think about 6.5%. I prefer Cristal but both are really refreshing beers. I love them. They also have Rum. The meal was bizzare and kinda gross and stale but combine Cuban food with Airline food and what do you expect?? It was salami and some cheese and bread. It was good because we were hungry. We got stuck beside some single freakshow who went on and on about his bozo son who worked for the parks department. He was like Uncle Leo. Landing was sweet. Drive to the hotel is incredible. Remember when Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler arrive at Jurassic Park? it was like that. It was just before dusk and the modern (chinese built) bus drove along a narrow (yet smooth) mountain road. For an hour we travelled through the Baconao Park to the hotel. The Gran Piedra is the tallest peak in Cuba and it is beautiful. We later climbed the great mountain. Read on for the full description. Flocks of amazing giant birds flew through the orange sky and all of a sudden the Carribean sea appeared to our right. Waves crashed on the rocky shore sending white foam into the evenung sky like a great Roman fountain or a geiser bursting forth its frothy load. I’m in paradise I thought to myself with a tired smile. My girlfriend, on the other hand, was tired and feeling carsick. The long turbulent flight, dehidration and the winding mountain road had made her feel sick. She began to freak out. I was soothed by the view and reassured her that our ordeal was almost over. I too longed for a stiff drink and a soft pillow. The sun had set by the time we pulled in. He drove down a long driveway and I was pleased to see a beautiful hotel. I knew that checking in with 100 other people can be long and difficult so I planned ahead and sat at the front of the bus. I was the first one off. Quickly grabbing my suitcase I was the first to arrive at the front desk. I was soon followed by two dozen others. Instead of forming a line the tired quebecois mobbed the desk. The 6 foot long counter had 70 people pushing on it all demanding rooms. Hotel staff were unsimpathetic and disorganized. Now if I was payed 4$ a day I would be unsympathetic and disorganized too. Im not a hater. But they were moronic. People who arrived last were served first. People began arguing and shouting. Chaos. Just like Jurassic Park. I waited 45 minutes at the end of the counter. Finally I was served. As I said at the beginnign of the review Corales and Carisol are two hotels that 5 years ago fused into one. IF YOU GO, WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE FRONT DESK, INSIST THEY PUT YOU IN CORALES. It is nicer, cleaner, better, more bars, more booze, better alcohol (beefeater gin) better music, better pool, better show. The mistake they have made is using Carisol as an overflow for Corales. When Corales fills up they stick the rest in Carisol. Which means if there are only 20 people in Carisol of course they have less food, dancers, etc… They two hotels are a LONG 8 minute walk appart through some fields. This mean its 20 minutes (return) to any bar/restaurant. It sucks. They stuck us in corales. We were sad. The window in our room was broken. They PROMISED to move us to Corales and they lied. Dont let this discourage you. your vacation is what you make it. At this point I realized I did not want to waste my week arguing with the IMBECILES at the front desk. We gave up. We settled for a better room on Carisol, on the second floor with a pimp balcony and high ceiling. We went to the beach. It was beautiful . Corals, fish, amazing ells and rock lobstahs, Crazy. NOT LIKE VARADERO. there is coral and sea grass. Beautiful if you like that stuff. I spent 5 hours a day out there. I got wasted and snorkeled. Very dangerous yet really fun. I love the sea. Always have, and this place rocked. Amazing sunsets.


The Good – Breakfast Omelets, Pizza at lunch, Pasta Bar at Lunch, Ham Sandwiches, Fresh Veggies The Bad – Everything Else – Sausages tasted Ok I guess but contained face meat and lungs and reproductive organs. No toaster for bread in the morning. Bacon undercooked, fish overcooked, chefs have access to good ingredients but ruin the food because they don’t care. The food sucked. IT was a joke. We laughed at the buffet. It was just terrible. An embarassement. The Chefs need a class in cooking. They boil veggies till they were mush, undercooked meat or boiled beef. Stewing beef was quick fried instead of slow cooked, fish was cooked til it looked like jerky, mistery fried seafood things and cuban bologna were everywhere. If you can afford a five star go. If you cant, come to corales carisol. Eat the fresh veggies and pizza. Its good. Dont eat the junk. You will live and at least its better than staying at home watching TV. DONT GO TO CUBA FOR THE FOOD. waiters very nice and leave them tips it changes their lives. The are nice people. They will brinh you agua and cerveza and vino tinto. Wicked awsome.

BARS – OK service. Some attitude sometimes. Tip them and they love you. Overtip and they own you. Bring thermal mugs they are a godsend on the beach.

ROOM – hard beds, 11 inch TV w/ some english (HBO and CNN), nice warm shower/bath. Nice sink. HUGE SPIDERS.

EXCURSIONS – Walk west along the beach for half an hour and go to BACONAO aquarium. When we arrived it was like something out of a Terantino Horror flick. Bizzare fish in dirty tanks. Giant sharks looking hopelessly for a place to die. Endangered sea turtles swimming in circles ina 6 by 6 foot tank with no shade/ decoration. It was sad but cool. It was scary but worth seeing. They also had dolphins. It was 5 bucks to get in. Email me for pics TImWIsdom1@hotmail.com

Dolpins do backflips. Here is a video I shot


SCUBA DIVING – incredible, beautiful. JUST GO

The aquarium is cool and woth seeing. You can swim with the dolphins for 75$ but what a rip off. Idiotic. We also did the coffee plantation/botanical garden/Gran Piedra Excurtion. DO IT. I WONT RUIN IT FOR YOU. IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. IT IS CHEAP. JUST BOOK IT IT IS SO CHEAP. AMAZING PLACE.


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