Old Reviews – Club Amigo Costa Sur

FLIGHT: we flew West Jet from Halifax,, great flight, a boxed lunch and movies to watch,, don,t care for the night flights though.

ARRIVAL: We got to Santa Clara airport at 11 pm Cuba time,, We were to be 90 minutes from hotel , but:: it ended up 3 hours ,, why, we haven,t found out,, same on way back,, didn,t care for that too much as i was to this hotel 12 years before and it was 90 mins.

ROOMS: all the rooms are the same size,, small, some with king, some with twin some with double beds ,, The bungalows are a lot more spacious but they were suppose to have mini fridge and bar in them,, none were in any of the rooms as they were not all finished refurbishing them from the results of the hurricane from 3 years ago, they looked exactly the same but outside were painted all different colors as before they were all painted white.

BEACH: The beach is small but nice for swimming, the old beach had lots of coral and sea urchents so you had to wear water shoes, that is the main beach for great snorkling. lots of room on the beach but not enough lounge chairs,, should have brought some from pool as no one stayed around the pool.

STAFF: Bartenders were fantastic, some of them remembered me from 12 yrs previous as so did our maid,, lots of the staff has been there for 20 or more years,, Louis,Alex and Coutie was the best, lots of fun when you went to the bar,, they always saved the Havav Club just for us as we didn,t care for the other ,, or we would take our own and they would save it for us,,LYEANNIES, the public relations girl was just excellent,, she found out i was there before and i got free 40 oz, wine in room one day,, she was just great doing her job.

MONEY EXCHANGE: on site,, take canadian not US,, you get better exchange for the Cuban Convertable Pesos,, they charge more for exchanging US dollars

MEALS: not bad,, same old thing day after day, you don,t go hungry because a lot of variety, Bread wasn,t much and the juice tastes like tang from the package, lots of salads , stuff for tossed salads and hot dogsm sausage, hamburgers and at night was always pork , turkey , beef or FISH,, so all in all you wouldn,t go hungry,,, most days the soup was good. Desserts were plentiful and always had good ice cream.

GROUNDS: the grounds we clean and tidy, they were not green because they don,t water them,, only when it rains lol

ENTERTAINMENT: the entertainmant was just TERRIBLE, the worse we have ever seen,, singing every night,, no performances at all, no people from the audience,, same songs over and over,, just the pits,, they used to have the best entertainers ever when we were there before,,

ALL and ALLL we had a very good time and would go back,, definately a 3* plus

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