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We just got back from a week at Mayanabo Hotel in Santa Lucia Cuba. We arrived on April 3rd and left April 10th, 2008. We booked with selloffvacations.com and flew with CanJet. 90 mins bus ride from Camaguey Airport. Everything went smoothly. Aside from perfect weather, the hotel and staff were amazing.

Rooms- Although ours was small, it was VERY clean and the bathroom was immaculate. Our cleaning lady did a wonderful job, and really appriciated the little things we left for her and her family.

Beach- Beautiful and warm! Although there is quit a bit of seaweed, they do clean it up daily. It didn’t take away from us using the beach at all, or going our snorkling. You can safely snorkle out a large distance and see a few different fish, corals, conches, starfish, crabs… We went out for hours everyday.

Pool- Although we are beach people, we did notice as soon as we arrived that the pool was perfect. Osmany Marrero made sure everything was just right. Plenty of chairs for everyone, and everything was so clean. There is one guy that took care of all this from sun up to sun down and beyond. So when you are there, maybe go and shake this guys hand and give him a little something for doing what he does. Hes a guy in the background that I am sure doesn’t get the recongnition that the rest of the staff get.

Food- We went with an open mind. We weren’t expecting much, after all , we had heard about the food from places people have stayed at. We were rather surprised with it all. There was countless options at every meal. ( Meats, breads, veggies, desserts)Things DO taste different, however different is not bad. It was a nice change. Alot of food was new to us, but alot of it was stuff we eat on a normal basis, Just prepared slightly different. In our opinion, we would stick with the buffet, the a la carte was nothing compared to the buffet. We actully went to the buffet afterwards to eat.

Bar- There is 3 bars plus one in the restaurant. The main one near the entrance closes at 11pm while the snack bar one closes at 2 am. The 3rd one which is one the way to the beach closes at 6 or 7 pm. The service we received was amazing. The drinks were always good,and never watered down and always served with a smile! The bar staff really got the distance to make sure you feel like part of the family and enjoy your stay there. Jorge, Avilio, Rodulfo, and Santiago all did an amazing job!

Entertainment- There are dance lessons that are offered through out the day, and if you like dancing, then do try this out. Vergen tries so hard to get people involved and gets you to let loose and have some fun! Rolly, now heres a guy you can’t say no too! When he wants you to get involved in something… he will make sure you do, and you have fun doing it! These 2 and the rest of their dance staff really do a good job at night with the entertainment. For a couple hours everynight, they put on a show of dancing and singing.

Excursions- We only did 2. We did the Catamaran out to Playa Bonita Beach. If you like snorkling.. this is something you have to do! It was breathtaking! The reef is so untouched.. its amazing. Lasts about 7 hours, with a lunch on the beach( 55 CUCS each). We also did the train ride through Santa Lucia. This was 5 CUCs each. This takes you to the local school, and then through the town. A very interesting and well spent 90 mins.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for more, or better. Everything was wonderful. We spoke to many people that have been back to the same hotel a few times, and now we know why. Its a place you are sad to leave, and can’t wait to return. While leaving a peso is nice, keep in mind alot of them go without bare necessities. We did leave tips to everyone, but we also brought a few things for the kids at the school ( pens, pencils etc) razors, soap, clothes, shoes, makeup. Alot of these things are expensive there. Although it didn’t bother us any, there is a disco down the road that plays music until 4 am. You can go there and pay 5 CUCS (peso)and drink all you want. We went to bed early enough and just put the TV on a timer, and that helped drown out the music some. This is a place you can go and relax. There was a good mix of ages there, and no trouble that we seen.

Can’t wait to return!

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