Old Reviews – Club Kawama

I stayed at Club Kawama from Jan. 26 – Feb. 3 and would not go back and would highly recommend against going to Club Kawama, UNLESS YOU GET A VERY GOOD DEAL. I did not get a good deal so I am bitter about money poorly spent. I have been to better places for cheaper so …

The Good

The resort was kept clean and was nice to look at, if you were on the "right side"of the resort, and on average employed friendly staff; the beach and the water were beautiful (however, we did get eaten alive by some type of bug, possibly the sand flea, I don’t know) but by the time I got home, my legs were so swollen, my ankles couldn’t be seen; the ocean was warm; the salad bar at the buffet was OK; coffee was great (at the main reception & pool bar only, not at the buffet); the specialty restaurants were good.

The Bad

This place has the worst choice of buffet I’ve ever been to. Maybe 6 hot plates to choose from, cold meat and cheese platters were old (each piece of meat & cheese had a hard coating around the edges), no deserts to speak of (unless you call old “birthday” cake-type stuff desert), smell of canal on and off, absolutely no entertainment during the day (unless you wanted to play volleyball or learn to dance for 15 minutes), and the evening entertainment staff were so not very good (except for the 1 time they hired from outside and brought in some great magicians), the pool was freezing cold – hardly anyone in it swimming, poor, poor drinks – pool bar ran out of beer one entire afternoon and evening, without other bars serving beer either. The music at the Disco was so loud that you couldn’t hear the person next to you shouting directly in your ear and they wouldn’t turn it down.

The Ugly

No food to speak of past 10:00 pm, unless you call a ham & cheese on stale, white bread food (or lettuce instead of cheese most times). They call this food 24/7! The resort has also purchased an old, decrepit resort next door and actually houses people there. Thankfully, we weren’t some of the poor folks staying there, but maybe you could be! It is approximately .5 to 1 km away from the main part of the resort, the sidewalks are falling apart and the buildings are very ugly to look at. If I didn’t know people that were staying there, I would have thought that the buildings were abandoned. I went to Cuba for the people and, especially, the Music. Well, the only time music was played was during the day, at the pool, and it wasn’t usually Cuban music; it was mostly Michael Bolton of all people! There was no music at the beach bar during the day, and no music at night. NO MUSIC anywhere. “How can I be in Cuba?” I thought. There’s no music.

Do yourself a favour and book somewhere else; consider yourself warned!

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