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Club Maeva Miramar Natalie and Randy ~ Toronto

January 2006

My boyfriend and I are from Toronto (ages 31 and 29), and we stayed at this resort from Dec. 28th to Jan. 4th , 2006. Our flight was unable to land in Tampico due to fog, and we were forced to land in Mexico City. We didn’t arrive at the resort until about 5 hours later than expected after this delay. After the hassle of customs, we were not in a great mood, but our checkout was amazing. We were literally checked in and relaxing in our room within 5 minutes of getting off the bus. Our luggage was delivered to our room within an hour. We were impressed with this process.

The resort itself is nice enough. I found a lot of negative reviews prior to going on the trip, which worried me, but the facilities really are quite nice. There are two large tennis courts, three pools (two heated) and a couple of Jacuzzis. If you’re not a fan of screaming children, avoid the pool next to the entertainment stage. Our room was quite large, and very clean.

The beach – in Tampico the beach is dirty, but in front of the resort it is well-maintained. The beach in front of the resort is private so there aren’t too many vendors to bother you while you’re sunbathing. The water looks clean and is quite cool, but the locals tend to throw their garbage directly on the sand. We could walk very far in either direction along the beach, but we had to be careful where we stepped! The resort is across the road from the beach, but there is a pedestrian bridge for guests of the hotel.

The food – terrible. I’ve stayed at several resorts in Cuba, Dominican and Mexico and I have never seen such a lack of variety. The same items were served every day, and the meat was often under-cooked. I got really sick one night, and I’m pretty sure it was from the hamburger that I’d had for lunch that day. My advice – bring your own snacks! There is no food to be found after 10 p.m. – no snack bar, nothing. On the upside, the à la carte restaurant is amazing. You can only book it twice in one week – you should definitely book meals there. This was the only “real food” that we ate all week!

The weather – unpredictable during the winter months. Tampico is located in central Mexico, along the gulf coast. We had hot, sunny weather all week while we were there, but apparently the group that stayed the week prior to us experienced rain for 4 days and temperatures of 14 degrees C (that was the high). Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket and pants. It’s fairly cool at night.

New Year’s Eve – the banquet hall of the resort was beautifully decorated, they had a live band and traditional Mexican dancers. The à la carte restaurant catered the meal so the food was great. Definitely a good party!

Excursions – not much to do unless you’re willing to travel 6 to 8 hours away from the resort to see pyramids or waterfalls. Apparently the Tampico shopping tour was OK, but it’s only $5 US to take a cab into town and conduct your own tour. Horseback riding, a bike tour, and ATV rentals are available along the beach.

Overall, we had a good experience at this resort, but the food sucked!

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