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My wife and I stayed there for 1 week in January 2006. We were a big group (about 80) and when we arrived at the airport we were splitted in group of 10 to get to resort in minibus. It was a bit crowded but since the airport is so close to the resort (about 10 minutes) who cares. I will try to give you an idea of what you can expect at Club Med Turkoise.

Room : We were given a room (#2040) on the third floor in block F near the tennis court and trapeze. This room was design for double occupation but with two beds, two closet, two safe, etc… When we asked for a room with a queen bed we were told that there were none available but they sent somebody right away to rearrange the room (put the two beds together) so it look like one big bed. It is less confortable that a real queen bed but it was not a big issue. There is a small fridge in the room and they provide bottle water every day. There are about 70 channels to choose from if you are a TV addict but the TV is rather small (20"). The room are spacious and the maids are doing a great job. It was clean but we saw some little insects in the bathroom anyway (some kind of mini-ants, really really small). We contacted the lobby about that and they ask us if we had a dead animal or dead insects in our room (strange question!) and they told us that they would send somebody the next day to take care of it. I don’t know if they did or not because we still saw our small friend running around the bathroom counter the following days. But don’t get me wrong it wasn’t so bad since the were very few of those and the were always in the same place (near an outlet in the bathroom) so we took care of it ourself. There is a nice shower and there is plenty of hot water. We could see the ocean from our room… If we look very closely between two palm tree far! away ! Seriously we had a great view of the garden, the tennis courts and the trapeze so we considered ourself lucky since some of our friend had no view at all. The block F is the furthest building to the west but we liked it a lot. We had to walk a little to go the the buffet but it was worth it because it was nice and quiet and we were close to the Sharkie’s (Snack).

Food : The food is excellent and there is always plenty of choices. You can always have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the main restaurant where you will find a buffet that will satisfy anybody. At night there is always a theme for dinner (oriental, international, mexican, etc…) so it is a nice touch. If you don’t want to go to the buffet you can eat at "The grill" but you will need reservation (and be early or you won’t get in). We tried it and we were not impress. You won’t miss anything if you don’t go. When the main restaur! ant is close you can always grab a bite at Sharkie’s (Snack on the beach), in the morning you will find fruits and croissant there, in the afternoon an at night you can have a good selection including sandwiches (ham or turkey), mac&cheese, soup, french fries, burgers, hot-dogs, pizza and nachos. A nice touch is the G.O. that go around on the beach with fruit plates or Mr.Freeze so you don’t even have to leave your chair if you are the lazy kind!

Beach : The beach is really beautiful, I could even say breathtaking. The white sand is nice and clean and it is so fine that it is hard to walk in the soft part of the beach because you "sink" in it. The water is crystal clear and when you look at it from the beach you will see the best turkoise there is. There are plenty of chairs available whenever you’re going and you can always find some shade if you want. We were never bother on the beach to buy something or to participate ! in any excursion. I did had an unfortunate encounter one night when I was sitting on the pier watching the wave around 23h30. Two guy walking on the beach came to me and began to talk, mostly telling me that they were working on the beach during the day offering excursion like deep sea fishing or banana boat tour. Then, within 5 minutes, two other guys arrived and they were policemen. They immediatly told me that there was a zero-tolerance for drug and asked me if I bought some which I did not. But as soon as I told then that I did not bought drugs they told me "OK" and did not bother me anymore but they spent at least 10 minutes questionning the other guys and searching them. So I suggest that you don’t go for a walk on the beach alone at night.

Hammocks : There are a lot of hammocks scattered on the site so you can always take a nice nap outside when you need it !

Pool : Nice design but I never used it because ! I prefer the beach. Heard it was cold.

Activities : If you go to Club Med this is the reason. There are so many activities to enjoy like catamaran (about 10), kayak (about 6), snorkelling, tennis (8 court), trapeze, wind surfing (a lot), scuba diving, basketball, beach volley-ball, pool volley-ball, deck hockey, soccer, baseball, dancing, ping-pong table (2), pool table (3), etc… There are always something going on somewhere so you will never get bored. There is a lot of equipement so you don’t have to plan ahead a lot to be able to use it. And all the equipement is in pretty good shape. The G.O. can also provide training to help you if you are a beginner and they can also help you perfect your technic if you are already familiar with the activity. The only downside is if you want to visit something outside the resort. There is not much to do on the island and everything is VERY VERY expensive.

Animation and staff: The night shows are entertaining, we especially appreciated the trapeze show, the "tennis comedy" and the "circus night". There were no "foam night" when we were there. The staff (G.O.) are always smiling and ready to help you. They would do almost anything to make your stay perfect. Everybody is friendly.

Bar : There is a bar near the main restaurant that is almost always open and you can also get your drinks at Sharkie’s near the beach. I recommand you the "Last Mango In Paradise". The drink are not always consistent, sometimes the rhum seem a little water-down, other time it is pretty strong. They have a good selection of international drink and the cognac was always good. The glasses are regular size, not small cup like the one you often find in other resort

Club Med Turkoise is a great place but it is very very expensive. If money is not a problem then go for it but we probably won! ‘t go back even if we had a super experience there because I think there are many other place that could provide very nice vacations for a lot less money and we will try one of those next time.

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