Old Reviews – Club St Lucia

My wife and I (both late 20’s) traveled to Club St. Lucia during the week of March 12th and had a less than good time. Upon arriving at 9:30 pm, we were told to outside and wait for our representative. After 30 minutes of standing around, we went back to the front office and were told that the reps were gone for the night. We then waited another 20 minutes for a shuttle to our rooms. We were anticipating a bright colorful room like the ones depicted on the Club’s website. Boy were we wrong! Our one and only door was a sliding glass door, with no screen. The odor in the room was intolerable. The ceiling in the bathroom was peeling and smelled of mildew. There were no wall hangings or paintings of any kind. Just a plain, boring room that smelled bad. However, we were determined to go and make the best of what was left of the night. We made it to a bar for some drinks and were greeted by a fantastic bartender. He was easily one of the few bright spots in the week. That night my wife had to sleep with a T-shirt over her face due to the horrible smell. The next day, we asked to be moved and were moved to another plain room, but without the smell. As far as the restaurants go, they tell you up front to make reservations on your first day for the entire week!!!!! Who goes on vacation and within 24 hours knows where they want to eat all week long? So needless to say, we didn’t make one reservation all week. The food was OK, if you want breakfast, eat nowhere but the International Grill. This is the only place to get fresh food. However, should you dare to venture to any of the grills for food, avoid the hamburgers.

The beach was sub par, as it is small and not well tended to. This is probably the only place on the island where you cannot see your feet when you get in the water. I did not use the kayaks or snorkels as the kayaks were dirty, and the snorkels looked like they were all in a big bucket of water, which seemed quite unsanitary. All in all, we made the best of the vacation ourselves as we met some great people. However, under no circumstances can I see myself recommending this resort to anyone. When you go to the resort’s website, they advertise themselves at a 4 star resort….BEWARE… they are a 4 star resort if and ONLY if you are judging on a 10 star scale!!!!!

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