Old Reviews – Coco Palm

APRIL 2008

Arrival – As soon as we walked thru the doors of the hotel we were WARMLY welcomed. I felt as if I lived there and everyone was family. Everyone was so KIND and friendly. The mood was very relaxed. The service desk personnel were very personable. The bell boys were fast and efficient. Check in and a small debriefing were done in the comfort of our room. This was very nice!

Rooms – They were clean, well kept and spacious. Do not leave out any food of any kind it will bring in the little ants. They have a coffee/tea machine that makes one cup at a time, it’s great. The shower is open… no curtain. It’s very nice with a rain shower head. There are no balconies but the doors open wide.

Pool and Grounds – The pool was very large for the size of the hotel. The grounds are well kept but there is no space for walking around. You would need to leave and walk the beach or the main street of Rodney Bay. The beach is only a short 5 minute walk away. It is quite with some good snorkeling. You can rent a beach chair at the beach. At the end of the beach is a lady with a local beach restaurant; totally safe with amazing fresh fried fish. Her husband goes right into the water and gets the fish to cook. It doesn’t get any fresher then that. It’s nice to have a cold beer with her and the locals.

Restaurants – The hotel only has one restaurant. Our stay included breakfast. Breakfast was a nice spread of toast, fresh fruit, banana bread, cereal, yogurt… etc. It was nice but I sometimes just upgraded for some eggs. Lunch and dinner were nice… but expensive. The food was good in quality but very small in size. For lunch one day I had ordered the portabella mushroom burger, and that is all it was… bun, cheese, mushroom, veg… no meat. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but I really missed the meat. There are several other restaurants only a 2 minute run away… even a subway. I liked “the Lime” the best for local food. Only a couple of the restaurants in the area have a/c. For the best steak in the area… talking melt in your mouth, Big Chef Steakhouse. For the best ice cream in the WORLD; better then ice cream in Rome is Elena’s Freshly made Italian ice cream. If all you do for your vacation is eat this ice cream and go to the beach, it will be the best vacation you ever had.

This is a great hotel for those who don’t like to stay stuck in a huge resort. It is close to the main areas and it is easy to access. Parking is free and secure. The hotel also offers free internet access in the rooms but there is a computer in the lobby you can use for 20 minutes at a time. If the computer is busy I found that the computer down at the Coco Creole was always free. You can book any tours thru the staff in the lobby. There is lots of selection and the staff are always just waiting to help. The Spa is located in the Coco Creole section of the hotel. It is very small but they can give you your treatments where ever. Their goal is to accommodate all your needs. If you want a massage on the beach at midnight they can do that.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Coco Palm and I would stay there again. The only thing I would change… stay in their swim-up room and bring more money so I can eat very expensive meals.

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