Old Reviews – Coco Verde Hotel

My husband, Craig and I, spent 12 days (3/18-3/29) in Carrillo, Costa Rica with 7 other friends in a private home less than a 10 minutes (walking) from the beach. It was wonderful, we had 4 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, inground pool, mini market nearby, little apes swinging from the trees in our backyard eating mangos. The home was fairly new and very clean, a maid came almost every day and cleaned, washed towels/clothes, dishes, floors etc…and a pool boy came almost daily to maintain the pool. The house was large and had enough room to accomodate 12 people comfortably, glass doors opened into the pool area from a dining and living room area and the house was surrounded by a large cement wall which made us feel very safe and secure. All the bedrooms had AC and the bathrooms were clean and nicely tiled. Needless to say, the 11 days we spent at this house was awesome and I would go back again. However…

Our last night we spent at Hotel Coco Verde in Playas del Coco. We chose this area because it was close to the airport and sounded nice in a book about Costa Rica. Boy were we wrong! Playas del Coco is gross and so is Hotel Coco Verde, but we were desperate to find a place for our last night and so this is where we stayed, (we did look at some other places nearby but they were no better). The beach was small with grey sand and smelled like garbage and cheap touristy shops were along the sidewalks with the "usual crap". We paid $80.00 for a monday night. My husband walked into the bathroom and found a marijuana joint on the window sill. The grout in the shower was dirty and disgusting and the toilet bowl looked like it had not been scrubbed in months and neither did the faucet handles. A bath mat was covered with mold and grime on the bottom part with the suction cups, yuck. I stripped down the bedspread and noticed little hairs stuck to it and there was an old blood stain on a pillow underneath the pillow case. The door to the room did not have a secure seal and at night you could actually see through the opened crack into our room when the light was on. The AC was very noisy and kept you up half the night. There was a dirty kleenex underneath my bed and the other bed’s linen did not fit well exposing an old grey mattress pad. The decor was blah, white walls with cheap cardboard artwork hanging. The floors did not look very clean and the sink’s faucet did not have hot water. That night we went to the bar just to get out of the room and saw prostitutes working the bar, and the staff were even overly friendly to the old men staying there, they would flirt with the male patrons while they were working and serving us. It was clear to them they were being watched and so they moved around the corner of the bar near the kitchen area to keep their behavior low key. We had eaten earlier at the "world famous" Louisana grill and that was gross, we had shrimp cocktail which looked like it sat out on the boat in the sun for 2 days. The next morning they provided a complimentary breakfast buffet that was stone cold despite it being in a hot plate device and all it offered was pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatos, rice and beans. Our last day was horrible and I couldn’t wait to get back home to Boston. Next time I will research where to stay a little better. Anyways, our first 11 days were wonderful and I would definitely go back to Costa Rica, just not to Playas del Coco.

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