Old Reviews – Cubanacan Brisas del Caribe

Arrival – as usual we picked the slow line to go through customs.some old geezer was arguing with the agent. thats the only problem, the ride to the hotel and getting our room went smooth. nice average place. i didn’t like the open smoking , but what the hell it’s cuba, nice old 50s cars everywhere

Rooms – nice clean room, bathroom adequate–toilet bidet tubshower shower fixture little wonky, no big deal lots tissue, after giving gifts the towels were abundant—no face cloths anywhere. hair dryer wonky but repaired right away. 220 volts–we brought adapter, fridge worked well but was not stocked

Restaurants – 3 alacarts-la caleta–didn’t like. las brisas- good food friendly nice piano dinner music. fantasia better food friendly very nice. buffet was good, lots of food servers helped all the time, friendly ICE CREAM IS TO DIE FOR good bread also decent dinners and cold cuts a good variety. the ways of cooking and cheeses are a little different. Damary our server treated us like royalty. I’d walk in she’d come up—-how are you Beely,Jo, you want coffee, juice what ever we needed. it was always nice. she makes $11 a month!

Bars – the Tiano snack bar was our usual hangout. the burgers are small but good with fries. the beer is very good, my wife liked the rum. our waiters were good, especially after i tipped them and gave them a canadian hat. Jose Alberto and Miquel were very nice, we wanted for nothing and the other Damary the waitress( a real work horse, never stopping always working)kept us happy.

Beach and Pools – the beach was beautiful, lots of room, plenty of loungers lots of cover (yallapas i think there called). we don’t do pools! but lots of room loungers lots of bathers everywhere

Grounds – beautiful plants ,flowers cacti palms etc.nice pond full of koi, good walkways, some could use a bit more light at night but you might have a pleasant stroll. in the sun the small skinks and lizards would scurry as you walk by. the back areas were not maintained or cleaned up, some debris left around the whole time we were there, mostly off the beaten path.

Activities – we don’t do activities—we eat ,go to the beach, drink some beer, walk and do some more.

Tours – day bus tour to havana.——fabulous architecture, literally everywhere. the graveyard was spectacular. havana must have been great in it’s day but is slowly deteriorating.the costumed women trying to kiss me and have me take thier picture pissed me off, a cab driver ripped me off for my ride saying for $4PESOS he would drive me to the Partagas cigar factory and bring me back. well he dropped me off and left. live and learn! the people at the market wanting everything they could see and continual bugging and reaching at you. i did not feel safe for my possessions. another family with a handicapped daughter was surrounded by young people and were almost accosted before getting on the bus. the came right after the handicapped girl and yelled and screamed at her. havana is safe-MY ASSE. I doubt i would ever go back to havana!

Conclusion – I DON’T THINK HAVANA IS SAFE FOR THE WEAK OR HANDICAPPED. I WOULD GOT BACK TO VARADERO IN A MINUTE lots of old cars, nice to see. we had a ride in a cab one day a 56 ford hardtop, nice. those coco cabs go like hell. we took it from varadero to get back to our hotel after being caught in a deluge. that rain came down in buckets. vancouver can’t hold a candle to there rain. just one day of rain

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