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My girlfriend and I were looking for a great holiday on a university budget and we found one. We stayed at the Ocean Arc Decameron Resort just outside of St. Pedro. We had a great time at this resort. We booked 2 tickets through conquest vacations for $1400 taxes in out of Calgary. At the resort we found out that Canadians from Toronto paid half of what we paid for the same trip. Torontoians get everything, don’t they?

Conquest – Our plane was one hour late to arrive in the Dominican but the Conquest bus was still waiting for us to drive us to our resort so that was nice. The bus needed some improvements but the Conquest guide was young and interesting to talk to. He told us anything we wanted to know about the villages we passed and the overall life style of the locals. I would recommend traveling with Conquest but their excursions that they try to sell you at the resort is $25-35 more then everyone elses prices.

Arrival – If I did this trip again I would make sure I flow into Santodimingo. We flow into Punta Cana and it was 2.5 hr bus ride from the airport to the resort. You get to see how the locals live in all the villages you pass through but for your money you lose 2 days sitting in buses or waiting for buses when you could be sitting on the beach.

People – The people are nice. The Dominican is not like Mexico. It is not Americanized yet. We only saw a few Burger Kings. The people don’t speak English that well so your best bet is to make friends with one of the entertainment staff kids and ask a lot of questions.

Food – I went there to eat great ocean food. I soon found out that Dominican people don’t eat that much from the ocean. They like to eat chicken. In every village there are 10 people on ever corner selling chicken. However, at the buffet they did everything for us Canadians looking for fish and served salmon, tuna and shrimp fried rice. From the buffet the only meal that my girlfriend and I got turned off by was breakfast. The omelet man was too quick in making his omelets so you always ended up with an uncooked meal. I had to lay down the law a few times and cook my own omelet.

Restaurants – The only bad thing about the restaurants was that you had to be at the front desk at 7:45am to stand in line to book a reservation for one restaurant that night. For the old people that are up at sunrise this is probably fine but I wanted to sleep in on my holiday past 7:30. The best was the Brazilian restaurant, they served ever type of meat dish all in one meal. Second was the Mexican – great tacos and third was the Italian. You could get pasta at the buffet at lunch every day so no big deal. The Italian and Mexican restaurant is the same restaurant, they alternate days so be careful on booking.

Rooms – We heard that some people had some problems with their toilets but our room was great. For a 3 star resort we dealt with the shower spraying in all different direction beside on you and the air conditioner buzzing a loud tune. The rooms are all around the pool so they are about a 5-minute walk to the beach. This was fine because the disco was also at the beach and ran till 2am and we didn’t want to listen to that. The maids came around at 9am so if you weren’t out of your room by then so didn’t come back till 6pm. We left her gifts and she left us a bed of flowers.

Pool – The pool was huge and cleaned daily. To bad they didn’t have more activities in the pool during the day. They have a basketball net and a volleyball court in the pool which never got used. However, they did use the pool for aerobics and scuba diving lessons daily.

Entertainment Staff – They have a board that shows what activities they have for the day. This board does not change. Must suck for the entertainment staff that have to work everyday. The have a lot of activities that you can do yourself. Basketball court, tennis courts, beach volley, botchy ball, kayaking, snorkeling, pool volleyball and pool basketball.

Towels – The towel booth is weird, you go get your towels at 8am and the kid is supposed to write you room number down but he hardly ever does. This is bad because if you lose you towel they charge you $20 US. They want all the towels back at 6pm but we just kept ours because by the time you get your towel at 8am all the old people are up and reserved their chairs on the beach. We were up every morning around 7:30am and went down to the beach and reserved our chairs because if you waited after breakfast you were left to sit on the sand or use broken beach furniture. They don’t have enough furniture for the amount of people that stay there. When checking out we found out that we needed to hand back our beach towel cards. We never had beach towel cards till the last day when I tipped the towel guy. He then gave them to me. Ask about these cards, you will need them.

Beach / Ocean – The beach at the resort was probably the 2nd best beach. It was soft brown sand, very nice. Every morning they had someone clean the seaweed that floated in over night. If it were a five star resort I would have like to see the sand screened from all the cigarette buts left behind. The water was not that crystal blue/green water that you want on your vacation. There was a lot of seaweed in the water that tried to pull you down. If you could get through all the seaweed you could walk out for about 150 yards on soft sand before the water got really deep. The beachfront also had 6 huge trees that floated in from the hurricanes. All of the resorts had these trees so it kind of wreaked the view. Yes, there are a lot of people selling stuff on the beach and by the end of the week my girlfriend was going to strangle the next person that asked to put beads in her hair. This type of selling is normal to me so it did not faze me so much. We went for runs down the coastline in the morning and you could run for 25 minutes before you hit a dead-end.

Night –Time Shows – What can I say; they pull people up on stage and make them do stupid things. The first night you laugh, the second night you leave early and the last night you don’t go. Unfortunately, there is such a huge time gap from the time you finish supper and the beach disco opens that people have nothing else to do then watch this elementary entertainment.

Bars – They have two large bars, one around the pool and the stage and the other at the beach. The bar at the pool opens at 10am and closes at 11pm. The bar at the beach opens at 10am and closes at 5pm. You never have to walk far to get a drink. They don’t use a blender for any of their drinks, so a peanut coluta is runny milk and a strawberry margarita is strawberry flavouring. They love their rum so that’s what I drank. However, we always asked for a side order of coke because a rum-coke means a cup of rum and a splash of coke. The beer was alright.

Beach Disco – Each hotel had their own beach bar disco club. Ours opened at 11pm and closed at 2am. A lot of time to drink. The music usually start off with 2002 English songs and then went into slim shady but the Spanish Slim Shady that is. We left around 12:30 –1 every night. We heard from others at the resort that you could walk down the lane to other resorts and pay $15 US and party at their beach bar if you wanted a change.

Off Resort Night Life – If you are looking for a party place… go to Cancun. If you were not interested in going to the hotel beach disco you had not much to choose from. The resort is 15 min from St. Pedro and 45 min away from Santodimingo. One cab ride to Santodimingo is $55 US.

Resort People – The majority of the people there also speak different languages. Out of the Canadians we met there were a lot from Toronto and Quebec. They all spoke in their original language so at first glance you didn’t think they were from Canada.

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