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  Desire Resort & Spa   "Shirleyujest"

October 2008

Desire Resort Cabo : September 22- September 29, 2008

What can I say? This was one of our best vacations ever! We will definitely try and make an annual visit to Desire Cabo.

Much was the same as our previous trip so this won’t be a long trip report but I’ll touch on a few things that made this trip extra special.

Arrival at the airport was quick and easy, flying in on Alaska Airlines. It was an uneventful trip down to Los Cabos.

This time we just had carry-on bags which were great as we didn’t have to wait for our luggage to come off the carousel.

We just took our bags and made a bee-line through the time share sharks and headed to the exit. It wasn’t too bad at all. A “No, gracias” was all that was needed. Just before going out of the building, there is a “Shuttle Stand” where we booked a shuttle to the resort. $12.00 each one way.

We hopped in a van, waited for it to fill up and away we went.

We were the first resort to be dropped off at. As soon as the shuttle was “cleared” through the security desk, we were driven to the front door of the resort. We hopped out of the van and were greeted by a smiling bellman, who was carrying a couple of glasses of champagne to welcome us.

As we entered through the sliding glass doors, we were warmly greeted by Jesus (hay-Zeus) who was at the Front Desk. We felt we had “arrived home”. Check-in was quick and efficient and we were soon escorted to our room by our bellman.

Our room was as lovely as expected and we were centrally located on the opposite side of the courtyard than our previous visit. The cactus garden below us in the courtyard is well-maintained and very beautiful, especially at night when the lights that are strategically placed are on.

This isn’t a large resort so everything is very conveniently located no matter where you stay.

There is a Barceló resort being built right beside Desire (on the east side) so the resort has taken this in to consideration when allocating the rooms to their visitors and also ensuring the privacy of their guests.

Since we arrived later in the day, we unpacked and got ready for dinner, and we chose to eat at Suki’s – the Asian restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by some of the familiar faces of the staff! How nice to see so many of the same folks we had come to know on our previous visit and this continued over the next few days. Lots of warm hugs and kisses and “welcome backs”.

We fell into our “routine” very quickly – there really is something to be said about being a repeat visitor to a resort – and just felt any and all stress of our daily lives outside of this resort melt away.

At this time of year the weather was very hot and humid. The thermometer was hovering at about 100 degrees every day. It didn’t really cool down too much at night, either. Thank goodness our air conditioner worked well. One afternoon we came back to our room and the a/c wasn’t working. A call down to the Front Desk resulted in a staff member coming up within about 4 minutes and fixed the problem. The only other “problem” we had was on our last day and we had no running water. A call to the Front Desk got it working by the time we got back from breakfast and a swim so we could freshen up before we checked-out.

We took a couple of longer walks on the beach this week. One was to the west, towards Zippers Beach. We managed to get there (it was about a 30 – 40 minute walk one way) and watched lots of folks surfing. The waves were “small” but still fun to watch and, from the looks of it, enjoyable for those who where out there. For us, it was worth the walk.

Another walk we took was to the east along the beach to the Estuary (approximately a 30 – 40 minute walk one way). We saw an area where there were turtle nests and a couple of conservationists were preparing for a turtle release. I got to hold a freshly hatched turtle and was told they would be releasing the turtles the next day and 6 pm. Unfortunately we didn’t make it back in time but it was really a cool experience to see how these creatures are being protected.

We spent most of our days around the pool and getting involved with the entertainment staff and the activities that were offered. They were the best staff of any resort we have been to, not too pushy, just very encouraging to get people involved. We played tequila volleyball, water polo, and various other trivia-type games around the pool.

The entertainment staff was also around in the evening to get the guests involved in the after dinner / pre-disco activities and entertainment. Since there are “theme nights” at this resort, they all dressed the part, and then walked around the resort encouraging everyone to come and join in the festivities and games.

The activities for that “lull” in-between dinner and the disco were a fashion show (the vacationers were the models, modeling clothes from the on-site store), karaoke, trivia games and audience participation games. This was a great time to gather together, chat with the other vacationers and talk about the day.

Honestly, I can’t say enough wonderful things about the entertainment staff. I have never experienced any team that was so hands-on and had such great energy and put so much effort into making sure we were all having fun.

The food and service at this resort are above and beyond any all-inclusive we have been to.

So, if you are looking for an upscale resort that caters to adult couples only, that is clothing optional and has a sexy, sensual ambience conducive to reconnecting with each other, this is a resort for you.

Yes, it’s “lifestyle” friendly but for us that’s just a minor element. It can be there if you are looking for it but it’s not really “in your face”. Just make sure you book this resort when there isn’t a “takeover”, as I hear that it can get pretty wild.

Our feet still haven’t touched the ground since we’ve been back and we are already dreaming and planning our next trip to Desire Cabo.

If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them. You can find me here on Debbie’s boards.

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  Desire Resort & Spa   "Shirleyujest"

December 2007

We’ve always wanted to visit Cabo San Lucas and thought it was time to take a break from our usual Caribbean vacation. We are so glad we did.

This was our first trip to Desire Resort and Spa. We chose this resort because we were looking for a clothing-optional, adults-only vacation. We are not "in the lifestyle" and we were aware that this resort is lifestyle friendly and that we may see and experience things that we don’t normally see and experience on our vacations. We were comfortable with this.

We arrived at San Jose Del Cabo without incident, flying in on Alaska Airlines. Just a note about this is that this airline flies into a different terminal than most of the other airlines so I guess we were expecting the sea of time-share sharks and were "disappointed" in this aspect. There were actually very few of them and we breezed through the terminal with no problems of anyone hounding us.

We left the building as we were "instructed" to do by the many trip reports we had read, just to catch our breath. Hubby then went back inside to book a shuttle for us to get to the hotel. No problems with that – cost was $12.00 each – one way.

This was a great way to get to the hotel as we got a bit of a "tour" and some helpful tips and pointers (and free beer) from the very entertaining tour guide on board.

We were the second resort on the route to be dropped off at. We can just imagine the comments that might have been made by the folks left on the bus when we got off. Oh well – we had a fabulous week and probably everything they said was true!

We arrived to Desire Resort and Spa and were greeted by some very warm, friendly faces.

The lobby is beautifully and tastefully decorated and has an air of comfort and luxury. The Front Desk staff were friendly and helpful and the glass of champagne and cool towel were a nice touch. Check in was extremely efficient, classy and courteous.

Our room was ready so we were escorted to our room – on the second floor – by the bellman. He gave us the "tour" of the room, we thanked him and tipped him and we were left to our own devices. What should we do next, we thought?!

We unpacked quickly and got changed, enjoying a couple of the beer that we had in our mini-fridge while we did so.

The fridge, by the way, is re-stocked daily with diet soda and regular soda (Coke), 2 Sprite, 2 beer and 2 large bottles of water. If we were in the room when the fellow came to replenish it, we traded the soda for beer. No problems at all.

We then went out for a tour (on our own) of the building and the grounds. Since we had arrived later in the day, there was no point in changing into pool attire so we just donned on our shorts and T’s and went for a stroll, to check things out.

We loved the whole feel of the resort from the moment we arrived. Beautiful grounds – very well manicured and tidy, clean.

The pool was lovely and there were still a few people around it, catching those last few rays of sun.

Many had gone up to the jacuzzi, which is where you can get the very last rays of sun (if that’s what you want), among other things. This area is clean and comfortable. There are lounge chairs, beds and couches, along with a bar and a jacuzzi. There is an enclosed (with glass) shower there. Towels are always available (the beige and white striped towels are for the jacuzzi area – we didn’t see them anywhere else on the resort. The pool has an abundance of white towels – a seemingly never-ending supply.

It also appeared to us the the glass had now been completely replaced around the jacuzzi area.

We went up there every day and it was always busy. There was not always "action" happening but it’s a really nice place to meet up with others, relax at the end of the day with your partner, and have that long, leisurely drink while waiting for the sun to set.

We then went back to our room – we’d had been up early and wanted to rest up before dinner.

After our nap, we showered and changed and got ready for dinner.

After dinner we would head to the disco. It’s a fun place with great DJ’s who played very dancable music. We enjoyed the contests they had in there, which took place about midnight – they were a lot of fun. After that we headed back to our room to change into our robes (they are supplied in the room) and we headed up to the jacuzzi for a soak and a drink.

This is a magical place at night – with the low lights, the fire-pits lit, the great background music, white and red decor – just a wonderful, romantic place to be to end the evening.

This was basically how we spent our days and nights for a week.

We can’t say enough good things about the food, the staff and this resort in general! All of this was outstanding! The staff especially – they were out of this world and couldn’t do enough to please us and everyone else!

We did venture off the resort. One day we walked the beautiful beach to the estuary, which is to the east of the resort. One day we walked to Zipper’s Beach, which is to the west of the resort. Both these walks took about 1-1/2 hours one way. The beach, near the shore, is easy to walk and we had no problem enjoying the water in various places along the way. We did see a number of folks in the water in front of some of the resorts. You just have to be careful, I guess.

We took a day to go into Cabo San Lucas and had a great time. We took a glass-bottom boat ride to the Arches, we saw the various "hot spots" that Cabo is known for (we had a bite to eat at Cabo Wabo), and took the bus back ($2.00) back to the resort.

A couple of times we walked over to the Mega store (like a Wal-mart) and be warned – there are time-share guys in there. They were wearing orange shirts and will come and talk to you as if they will be your personal shopper and find all the deals (in the store) for you.

This mall has a few ladies clothing stores (nice clothes, too) and a really great shoe store. Other than that, there really isn’t much shopping there. We never did make it into the town centre of San Jose del Cabo. Maybe on our next trip?

We also walked over to the newly opened Jack Nicklaus golf course, just to check it out. It’s beautiful and the staff were great. They lent us a cart so we could drive around and take pictures and told us to take a few ball markers, etc., as souvenirs.

All in all, we had a wonderful vacation. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone who is looking for an adult-only vacation at a beautiful, classy clothing-optional resort, and who wouldn’t be offended by public displays of affection. This is a great resort to re-charge your own relationship.

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