Old Reviews – Fantasy Island Beach Resort

The resort is a solid 3 to 3.5 star. The buildings are all painted turquoise with white trim and surrounded by natural rainforest complete with wildlife to include a family of five friendly monkeys, rabbit-like animals that resemble giant guinea pigs (watussa???), iguanas, and a few species of birds. It has approximately 130 rooms located in several two-story rows of buildings dotted across throughout the property. This smaller island is connected to the island of Roatan by a road and a bridge. It was originally built by Albert Jackson, the “Donald Trump” of Roatan, whose mansion sits high on a hill at the entrance to Fantasy Island. Mr. Jackson sold his resort recently to a Spanish chain.

Our room in building D-6 is a single-story row of rooms, fronted by a grassy area and a dock. It was very basic but had a 5 star view out across the water and a resident tortoise shell kitty who lived on the verandah and looked for her daily fish or chicken tidbits from guests (like me) with soft hearts for animals. She is expecting a litter soon. The two double-sized beds in our room had mattresses that were quite soft with little resistance from the spring coils and the pillows were flat (both observations I commented on in the customer survey left in the room). We had a mini-fridge with a pitcher of purified water which was topped up each day, an old television that was replaced after three days because the internal buzzing was louder than the sound capability, a rattan 3-drawer dresser with mirror, and one easy chair with arms. Outside our door, on the verandah, was a white, wooden, Aiderondeck chair. The floor was ceramic tile and there was an air conditioner in the window which worked well. We kept in on, not because it was too hot, but the cooler air in the room diminished the “musty” smell. The bathroom floor is badly in need of updating but it had a clean and useable bathtub, sink and toilet. This row of buildings was right beside the Dive shop. As we were to learn, divers don’t care about 4 or 5 star accommodations; they are there to dive, dive, dive, LOL and Fantasy Island does not fall short of meeting that desire.

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