Old Reviews – Fort Young Hotel

It was just two weeks later that I had to return for business and we stayed at the Fort Young Hotel. The room was basic, but the set up was unique and it was clean. The shower was great, and there were a lot of channels to chose from on the television. The service again was great. They have put on a renovation during the past couple of years I am told by other colleagues that stayed there in previous years. They have added a beautiful pool with a water fountain into it and a spa deck with 3 hot tubs. They have also added luxury rooms. Our rooms were in the older part, but I did not mind at all. It actually worked out to be cheaper than the Anchorage. During the first trip I did the River Tour with www.wackyrollers.com. It was fun. Great for kids. You get in an inner tubeand float down the largest river in Dominica. It was ok, it you are looking for adventure this is not for you. It was quite relaxing though. When I went back two weeks later I did the adventure tour with the same company. It is about and hour and a half obstacle course in the trees. It is kind of like survivor or fear factor. You spend the whole time in the trees, climbing across suspension bridges, zip lines and even do a "Tarzan jump". Trust me you will know it when you see it. And don’t chicken out, it is amazing. I was very sore the next day, from using all kinds of muscles I guess I haven’t used in a while.

It is a beautiful island, with very nice people, and I look forward to going back. Next time I want to an ATV trip into the jungle.

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