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  Getaway Club Puerto Vallarta   Canada

February 2008

We stayed at this hotel at the end of January. We went with Sunwing who rates the property as a 3 star. We found this to be above and beyond generous and as the hotel is not really a 3 star. I read some other reviews and thought I would ignore them and judge for myself. I should have paid more heed to the reviews.

It appears that this hotel has gone to a garage sale or something to purchase old, used everything. The linens in the rooms were stained and grey. Everything from the bath mats to the sheets were stained. Many towels had holes or frayed edges.
The dishes in the buffet were something else! Almost each and every plate or bowl at the buffet was cracked, chipped or broken in some way. The coffee cups and drink glasses were plastic and not the disposable type either! The coffee cups tasted of soap, which I guess all things considered is maybe a good sign.

The beds were some sort of really hard mattress set on unfinished 2×4. Not that you were right on the wood, but it just doesn’t give a good impression. The rooms are carpeted. I never once saw a vacuum cleaner being toted by any of the cleaning staff. Economy rooms face the street and are VERY small and noisy as the air conditioners for the Sheraton are right there. In a room with 2 double beds there is no space for suitcases! For $20/night, we upgraded to an ocean view room which on the contrary is enormous and on the higher floors has a fantastic view of Banderas Bay. It looks as though the hotel is coming out of or going into receivership. One of the two buildings was closed for renovations they said, however there never seemed to be any workers or crews or any equipment or supplies. The tower building is "tired" looking as well, but the courtyard and pool area seem to be well maintained. The location of this hotel is wonderful – less than a 10 minute walk to the Malecon and is on a very nice stretch of beach. If you were watching at the right time you could see whales from the pool deck.

There is a large outdoor stage at the pool area that is used only to play loud music during the day at the pool. This stage is in a wonderful location and would make for a great entertainment area if the hotel offered something other than karaoke at the lobby bar where there is room for maybe 40 people to sit. However, the stage is in disrepair also with lights falling off the front and it is in need of paint and other minor repairs. Right beside the stage is an outdoor buffet area that looks like it hasn’t been used in quite some time, but could be a very nice setting with a little cleaning and maintaining.

The pool/beach chairs also look as though they have been purchased at that same garage sale. Most were very dirty and a lot were broken.

Food. Well, let`s just say the best thing was the omelet station in the morning. You could get fresh cooked eggs and French toast or pancakes. There was a buffet line also, but the food on the buffet never looked edible! That is the first I have ever seen hotdogs chopped up with onions and peppers served on a breakfast buffet. Not sausage, hotdogs. The other buffet positive was the fresh fruit. It was pretty good. You could get cold cereal which I suppose in hindsight was a safe option. When we are on vacation, we like to eat much better than at home, so cereal just didn’t fit that bill. I have stayed at other 3 star hotels and had much better food choice/selection. The lunch and evening meals were just not very appealing. Everything looked like some sort of unidentifiable stew. Maybe it would have tasted okay, but it sure didn’t look like it would. We were hungry all the time and couldn’t seem to find any appealing food. The hamburgers and hotdogs looked safe enough, but who wants to eat those everyday for a week.

We went to the one al a carte which had a very nice menu and wonderful service. The food was pretty good too. However the restaurant is only open 2 nights a week.

The staff at the hotel are very nice and try to be very accommodating.

It was sad to see a place with such great potential in a state of disrepair and neglect. We spoke to a few other guests who had stayed at this hotel before and they were also surprised at how much of a down ward turn the hotel has taken. In short, that is what our week at the Getaway was, short. We left there half way through our stay and went to an alternate hotel a couple blocks away. It was rated a 4 star, but in comparison was more like a 7 star!

Without a previous inspection and unless many changes/improvements are made, I would not recommend anyone stay at the Getaway.

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  Getaway Club Puerto Vallarta   Sherry ~ Canada

February 2008

My husband & I just got back from The Getaway club two weeks ago. We had a wonderful trip. We would stay there again if need be. I’ve read some nasty reviews on this place and I can honestly say it is not as bad as they say. If you are expecting a five-star then go to a five-star and stop complaining. The view is breathtaking, staff friendly and very close to downtown. The food was GOOD, fruit and vegetables were delicious. I couldn’t get enough of them. I couldn’t wait for breakfast time to sink my teeth into an omelett – truly to die for! I thought for sure I would gain weight. The drinks were strong…beer (Sol) was good. We especially liked playing Bingo in the afternoons. Every night the pirate ship would set of fireworks while we were eating supper. Yes the beds were hard but have you ever stayed at a hotel that had a bed as comfy as your own? We only wish our stay was longer. We meet some who people who have stayed at this place for five years in a row and the couple we went with stayed there five years ago also. We miss you Mexico!

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Getaway Club Puerto Vallarta Shirley

February 2007

We were in Puerto Vallarta on Feb 2 till Feb 9 2007, At a resort called Getaway Club.

There was 4 girl’s age from 30 till 56. We had a wonderful time. The beach was nice, the food was good excellent hamburger and fries.

The booze was good and power-full. The only problem I will tell every one the bar closed at 1 oclock sharp. It was suppose to be 24 hrs open bar. When I approached the staff and the manager they told us this was The Blue Bay Getaway, and now they were the Getaway Bay. I did not have my paper’s on me with the hotel room, So I would advise you talk to your travel agent, or make sure you have your paper but I don’t think it will work. Make sure you talk to your travel agent. We were very upset with this. Please again clear it or have proof with the hotel name and have your rep to check this out.

The second thing was when we left Puerto Vallarta at the AIRPORT every one had there suitcase check in the aiport. And if you were over 20 kg. you had to pay.

I was over 15 kilos I paid $150.00 U.S. Another one was over just 1 Kilo she paid $15.00. So they are charging you $15.00 U.S. for every (1) kilo. Every one paid at the aiport be careful what you bring because it could cost you.

Other then that it was a nice trip. But because of that problem we will not be going back after 3 times going there. Please be careful on the weight because they dont care.

On that plane you get a sandwich there and back. In case travelling with children. I hope this help.

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